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IMTALK EPISODE 245 - Pro Justin Daerr on hill running

News: Wanaka results, New Sponsorship guy for WTC, Belgium Pro Team, Our views on NBC Kona coverage. 

Discussion of the Week: Do you ever feel unsafe during an Ironman swim? Comment here

High 5: Mark Yale sent through a High 5 for 'excuses why the race went badly'.

1. The course was long.
2. It was only a 'training' race.
3. I was kicked in the face in the swim.
4. Did not taper long enough.
5. Underlying illness that flared up.
And keeping with tradition, tip number six: always use 'fatigued' instead of 'tired' as it sounds more professional.

Workout of the Month: We have Justin Daerr on the show going over Richard Swans' Hill Rep workout. Go to endurancecorner and check out the great camps that they have coming up over the next few months.





Reader Comments (4)

Athlinks site would not let me post (a rare issue!), so here is my comment on topic of the week:
I've stayed away from sea swims, swimming is my weakest discipline, but I think generally the safety issue is a really important debate. The litigous (lit-idg-us) nature of the US makes racing thrills and excitement much harder to find. I have done adventure races before (in Canada) and these introduce greater risk than IM through canoeing/kayaking and mountain biking. At its root, I think the issues are coming from an expansion of the sport, which is great, but that needs to be balanced with education of the athlete - this is mostly personal responsibility, but also one aspect for coaches. Rights bring obligations... everyone has the right to enter the race, but the obligation for participants then becomes to self-educate and make a good personal decision. Organizers just need to provide the opportunity for people to be safe... participants have to chose personal safety.

January 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJames "Wiseone" Bowtell

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