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News: IM Arizona results, Ultraman is this weekend, John's ITU update. 

Discussion of the Week:  Mike 'The Farnborough Fox' Hewison sent through this weeks discussion. If you were a second tier pro how would you go about getting a Kona slot, what planning would you do? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: John in his websuit at Kona

Age Grouper of the Week: Rob Creasy is a local athlete who has kept on improving over the last few years. This has lead him to win his age group last weekend in Auckland, get a top 10 in IMUK and achieved a 9:17 in Kona this year. 

High 5: This week John covers deep water swim starts. 

Websites of the week: James 'The Wiseone' Bowtell send through these to funny youtube clips. 





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