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IMTalK EPISODE 314 - Epic Camp Lite Kona

News: Results from IM Cairns and Kona 70.3, Macca's not going to the Olympics.

This Weeks Discussion: Colin 'The Convict' Bialkoski sent through this weeks discussion. A co-worker of his completed a marathon a while ago but they walked during it. Colin feels that it's great that his co-worker completed the distance but they hadn't ran a marathon so it's not the same. He wonders if it's the same thing for 70.3s and IM's. Colin put it this way: 'So basically the point is, from a moral point of view, if you can't run the whole distance from start to finish, should it really count?' Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: 1:11 Half Marathoner Richard Swan sent through this weeks Age Grouper, Clyde (Roz) Rosanowski. Roz is a former high level runner who converted to Tri's a few years ago and since doing that he hadn't really had a result that he was happy with. This all changed when he race IM Melbourne where he did a 66m swim, a 5:04 bike and a 3:16 run to come in on a time of 9:35. That's a great result. 

Epic Camp Lite Interviews: John has some interviews with the athletes at Epic Camp. 



Reader Comments (1)

Actually, there's a significant body of research proving that, for most mere mortal runners, taking walk breaks early and regularly during a marathon will result in an overall faster time. The walk breaks 30-60 secs) allow the leg muscles to recover a little bit and the result is that one is much less fatigued at the end of the marathon. The time lost to the walk breaks (remember that you are still moving while you're walking) is only 20 seconds or so and that is more than made up for by being able to run significantly faster towards the end of the marathon.

The object of a race is to get from the start to the finish in the shortest amount of time. If I can finish overall faster by taking walk breaks (and I do), what's the difference?

The elites run too fast for this to work but for the rest of us it's a great pacing strategy. I've set all my PBs with walk breaks and was well into my 50's when I did it.

June 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarc

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