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IMTALK EPISODE 527 - Tim Pigott

News: Results from ADH Triathlon, IM Vineman, and IM Netherlands; Changes in KPR; John's new race; Challenge having championship race in Melbourne; IM Boulder is coming up. 

This Weeks Photo: Here's a great photo of John 'Mincey' Muncey in his IMTalk race kit at Zurich 5150. 

Movie Review: John and Bevan went to see Phil Keoghan's new doco Le Ride. You can get more info about it here: Here's the trailer for it. 

Interview: We get Tim Pigott on the show to talk about gadgets that help us look after our bodies. 

Website of the Week: Challenge Family have a great webpage that shows how much the tops pro's have made from prize money this year so far. Here's the male's link, and the female's link

This Weeks Websites: John's Race







News: Results from IM Switzerland, IM Whistler, IM Lake Placid, Challenge Poznan, The Outlaw; IM Texas date changes; Challenge Roth sells out in seconds; IM Vineman and Netherlands are coming up; KRP update. 

This Weeks Discussion: What are some triathlon/sport related ways you could celebrate an important time/event in your life? Like John's 40th or Bevan's Stags do. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's a great photo of John as a young man ;-) 

Statstastic: We look at some stats around Daniella Ryf.

Age Grouper of the Week: Ray Boardman sent through John 'UltraHumps' Humphries for this weeks age grouper. Being a military man he has had to train in some very challenging conditions to complete his Ironman and Ultraman. 

My First Tri: Paul Gittings sent through his first tri. 




IMTALK EPISODE 525 - Spencer Smith

News: Results from Challenge Roth and IMUK; IM Switzerland, IM Canada and IM Lake Placid is coming up; Ryf to Validate in Switzerland; IMWA adds 70.3; John's ITU update. 

Get the new IMTalk gear by clicking here!

This Weeks Discussion: What would you like to see from the pro’s in race week? What expectations should we have on the pros to give back to the sport during race week and what should the WTC provide to help us enjoy the pro's as much as possible, both before and during the race? Comment here

Interview: We have Spencer Smith on the show to talk about the work that he is doing in Ghana. If you want to check out what Spencer is doing go to

Epic Camp Interviews: We have the last of our Epic Camp interviews. 

This Weeks Websites: Greg Sousa's Go Fund Me page