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IMTALK EPISODE 476 - Bob Seebohar

News: IM might be sold; Results from Canada 520; Embrunman, IM Mont Tremblant and IM Sweden are coming up; Challenge Bahrain course; Open letter to Bahrain 13. 

This Weeks Discussion: Is Ironman killing short course triathlon? If this is the case, what do you think short course races need to do in order to get people racing more often? Plus what would they need to do to get you racing more often? Comment here

Interview: This week we get Bob Seebohar back on the show to talk about nutrition for young triathletes. He shares many great thoughts on this important topic. You can get his book, Sport Nutrition for Young Triathletes, by clicking here

Statstastic: We look at which races have the most climbing in them. 

Website of the Week: The Wiseone sent through for this weeks website. It's a great site to figure our the terrain of your cycling routes.

This Weeks Websites: Open letter to Bahrain.  




IMTALK EPISODE 475 - Scott Molina and Rich Allen

News: Results from Norseman, ADH tri, IM Netherlands, IM Bolder, Philippines 70.3; 25 more qualification spots at Taupo 70.3; New Pro Union; John's ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: It's exactly one year to the Rio Olympics so we want to get your predictions on who will get the metals in both the female and male race? We'll come back to this next year to see who are the best predictors. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Andrew Taylor sent through this weeks photo. It a Kiwi crew at the finish line at the ITU Long Distance Worlds. 

Interview: This week we have former pro athlete Rich Allen on the show. He's a big part in the new Pro Tri Union, John talks to him about what the objectives are of the union and where they see it going in the future. 

Interview: Legend Scott Molina is back on the show today. He's just completed Celtman so we got him on the show to talk about the race and his experience building up to it. 



IMTALK EPISODE 474 - Thorsten 'The Geek' Radd

News: IronCowboy finishes 50 50 50; Results from IM Canada, Outlaw, IM Lake Placid; Challenge release rankings; IM Male and Female only pro races; Norsemen and IM Boulder are coming up. 

This Weeks Discussion: Bevan wants to know what you are listening to, non triathlon related, when you are out there training. This can be music, podcasts, audiobooks, or anything else that you think is worth sharing. Comment here

Interview: This week we get Thorsten on the show to go over the lastest KPR results. He shares his thoughts on lastest results and the system in general. Go to to keep up to date with all of his good work. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Ben sent through his wife Anna-Marie Watson as this weeks age group. She has been doing many crazy events and doing amazingly well.