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IMTALK EPISODE 516 - Macca is back on

News: Lots of news from IM Texas; Results from Ultraman Australia; IM Lanzarote is coming up; John's ITU update; Sofie Goos stabbed. 

This Weeks Discussion: Is there a place for mass participation IM races, say 5-10,000 athletes. If so what do you think needs to happen to make it successful? If you don't like the idea, why not? Comment here

Interview: We have Macca on the show to talk about the new Thanyapura Professional Triathlon Team. He also shares this thoughts on the Olympics and some other areas of triathlon. You can check the team out here

Interview: We have Rob Wilby from Oxyenaddict talking about Sweet Spot Training. Go to to get the deal he talked about on the show.  




IMTalk Episode 515 - Gina Crawford and Tim Floyd

News: IM Texas news; John's ITU Update. 

Interview: Gina Crawford has decided to call it a day on her professional career. This week we get Gina on to talk about her time as a pro and where she is heading in the future. If you are looking for coaching from Gina go to

Interview: Tim Floyd is the head coach for Magnolia Masters masters swim team in Woodlands Texas. He shares many insights into high intensity swimming and stroke mechanics. Go to Magnolia Masters Facebook page to find out more about time and his crew. 




IMTalk Episode 514 - Peter Vaughan and Mark Livesey

News: Results from IM Australia; Some 70.3 results; Island Houss Triathlon is back for 2016; Frodo racing Lanzarote; IM Texas bike course is short. 

This Weeks Discussion: This week we want to know what are the products or training aids that have been used over the years that didn't last the test of time or credibility? Bevan mentioned the Balance Band for the wrist as a good example. If you have a photo share that as well. Comment here

This Weeks Video: Here's a funny clip about the IM Texas bike course change. 

Interview: Peter Vaughan has just completed his 100th Ironman so we get him on the show to talk about his many years in the sport. It's impressives stuff. 

Interview: Mark Livesey has had a military background and has started Xhale, a programme/website that helps you get the most out of your training. He shares some lessons from his time in the military and talks about how Xhale works. You can check it out here: