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IMTALK EPISODE 496 - Gordo Byrn

Being the end of the year we have a different type of show today. We've taken an interview that Bevan did with Gordo Byrn on his Fitness Behavior podcast and put it up. Gordo is always great to listen to so we think you'll like this one. 

If you want to subscribe to Fitness Behavior click here. Follow Gordo's blog by clicking here.  




IMTALK EPISODE 495 - Rachel Joyce

This week we look at the best races of the year plus we have an interview with top pro athlete Rachel Joyce. IF you want to follow what Rachel is up to check out her website here




IMTALK EPISODE 494 - Karlyn Pipes

News: Results from Taupo and Ballarat 70.3; More AG positive tests. 

Interview: This week we have Karlyn Pipes on the show. Karlyn comes on the show to talk about her new book The Do Over. It's about her journey through addiction to be a world champion swimmer. If you want to get her book click here. If you want to use Karlyn from swim coaching check out her website here.

Age Grouper of the Week: Andrew “T-rex / Diplodocus” Kerr sent through Anthea Morrison for this weeks age grouper. Anthea executed a perfect race plan at IMWA. Here's what Rob Dallimore wrote about her race.