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IMTALK EPISODE 507 - Jeff Fairbanks and Ryan from Blue Seventy

News: Craig Percival doing 8in8; John's ITU update; IMTalk Weekend. 

This Weeks Discussion: We got a question from Robbert 'Boom Boom' Beelen about getting enough sleep when you have to get up early to train for triathlon. So we want to know what are your best recovery strategies? And for you guys/girls who get up really early, how do you manage it? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Because NZ's flag voting is happening right now we've put the choices up for this weeks photo. NZ's want to make the right choice, if not they will get a punch in the face ;-) 

Interview: We have an interview with Jeff Fairbanks. He's making a documentary about triathlon where he will do 21 70.3's. 

Interview: We get Ryan from Blue Seventy on to talk about the new Blue Seventy THERMAL Helix. Remember that we have our auction for one right now, click here to get it

App of the Week: This weeks app is




IMTALK EPISODE 506 - Cam Brown and Rob Wilby

News: Results from IMNZ; John's ITU update; Races coming up. 

This Weeks Discussion: What is the state of Ironman in your local area? We have noticed in New Zealand that triathlon/Ironman has fallen away a little so we were wondering what was happening in your part of the world. Let us know. Comment here

Interview: We have a quick interview with the legend that is Cameron Brown. He covers his amazing performance at IMNZ. Check out his twitter feed click here

Interview: This week we talk to Coach Rob Wilby from Team Oxygen Addict  about using run/walk in triathlon. Remember that Rob is running a free webinar on running next week. Go to to find out more. 

Coaches Corner: John shares his thoughts on LCHF.

This Weeks Websites: Pyrenees Multisport Camp.





IMTALK EPISODE 505 - Daniel Bercu

News: IMNZ is coming up; New members to the board of Women For Tri; 8-8-8 starts this weekend; Frodo out for a while; National IM records; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: For those of you who have done the LCHF diet what have your experience been? Tell us both the good side and bad side of living this way. Comment here.

Interview: This week we have organiser of Uberman Daniel Bercu on the show. It's a crazy event where you swim 21 miles, bike 400 miles and run 135 miles. You can check it out here:

Apps of the Week: This week John shares some apps that are helping with his LCHF diet. They are My Fitness Pal, Easy Diet Diary, and  

This Weeks Websites: Triratings national records; Fegan's fundraising page