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IMTALK EPISODE 438 - Phoebe Sanders

News: Results from Arizona; Ultraman News; Challenge have announced the American regional championships; Decaman results.

This Weeks Discussion: We got this weeks question from Peter Coulson, Bevan thinks it's a good one. What have been the biggest scandals in triathlon over the years? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's Bevan and his friends at the races. He won nothing!

Interview: This week we have an interview with Phoebe Sanders. Phoebe did a study of age group athletes who make the transition to become a pro and what that lifestyle was like. On todays show she shares some great insight into the life a these pros. 

Geek Out Corner: John asked Thorsten some geeky questions, we go over his answers on the show. If you want to get Thorsten's 2015 KPR click on this link:

This Weeks Websites: Alan Couzens piece on Kona, Xtri piece on Kona drafting.




IMTALK EPISODE 437 - Marc Evans and Sager Al-Khalifa

News: Results from IM Fortaleza and Florida; Jackie Fairweather's passing away; Challenge Bahrain sells out; IM Arizona is coming up. 

This Weeks Discussion: For those that raced or have raced Kona, 'what make Kona so much harder than other IM's around the world?' If you don't feel this is the case let us know why as well. Comment here

Interview: This week we have an interview with Coach Marc Evans. He talks about assessing movement for triathletes. He goes into a lot of detail around why taking a deeper look at your movement. You can get his book from Amazon here

Interview: We also have an Sager Al-Khalifa. Sager has been a big part of setting up Challenge Bahrain. He shares how the sport is going in his part of the world and some insight on the race. 





News: Not much news this week as we recorded earlier than we normally do.  

This Weeks Video: Here's Cupcakes in Kona with Michelle Vesterby. 

Interview: Unfortunately we couldn't put the Chris Lieto on in this weeks show. So instead we have an interview that Bevan did on Radio New Zealand with Kathryn Ryan.  

Kona Questions: We cover a lot of the questions we got about Kona.