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IMTALK EPISODE 451 - Jesse Thomas

News: Coast to Coast results; Challenge Wanaka is coming up; WTC is standardizing competition rules; Hyvee dropping out of ITU; ITU going draft legal for age group sprint races. 

This Weeks Discussion: Duncan Penfold sent through this weeks discussion. He was wondering if you could share the best websites to watch long course races. We know YouTube is an obvious good choice so if you are going to recommend YouTube share a channel that is worth following. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: For our international listeners, here's a picture of Black Cap Brendon McCullum (NZ cricket team's captain).

Age Grouper of the Week: Kevin Sheen sent through six of his friends as Age Groupers of the week. They were meant to do IM Tahoe last year, which got cancelled, so they went and did IM Chattanooga next weekend. So Tony Piscopy, Ocky Koa, Amy Mosser-Romero, Paivi Halkola-Atwood, Stiina Rossi and Liinu Castaneda you are our Age Groupers of the week! 

Interview: Pro Athlete Jesse Thomas wrote a great piece on triathlete about how much pro's earn. This week we got him on the show to share some insight on the subject. He's a great interview. Check out his website here and you can also get his Picky Bars here

This Weeks Websites: The link for Tim Pickering's raffle




IMTALK EPISODE 450 - Joe Friel

News: Crowie takes out Geelong; 2014 AWA Champions; More wave starts; Random news; Coming up races. 

This Weeks Discussion: We got an email through from Matt Young asking if there were any point to point Iron distant races in the world. This got us wondering, where would be the coolest place to have an Iron distance (point to point) race in the world? Comment here.

This Weeks Photo: Here's Mat 'Wolverine' Jackman's photo after he hit the finish line sign with his head. 

Statstastic: We look into the fastest 50-54 times ever.

Interview: This week we have Joe Friel on again. He covers his new book What it takes to be fast after 50. This is an insightful interview where legendary thinker shares his thoughts on the topic. You can get his book here: Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life  

This Weeks Websites: Uli Fluhme's New York bike race; AWA champions





News: Results for Israman and Challenge Melbourne; Changes to IM Melbourne swim start; Pro's being tracked in WTC Championship races. 

This Weeks Discussion: Molina sent through this article about the wealthiest people in cycling, We were wondering who have been the big money spenders in triathlon over the years and who might be the big money people in the future. Let us know your thoughts. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's a photo from John's camp, it's showing how beautiful NZ is. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Oli Jenner sent through this weeks age grouper, Holly Cradduck. Holly finished IM Wales in 2013 to be told that her 19 year old niece had died. She made a commitment to qualifying in nieces honor, which she managed to do in Wales. You can check out her website here

Statstastic: There are now 41 challenge races around the world.