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IMTALK EPISODE 447 - Craig Percival

We had a few technical problems this week which means it's a different kind of show. 

Interview: John has an interview with Craig Percival. Craig came 2nd at Ultraman Hawaii, is a 20x IM finisher, and has a coaching business in Melbourne. He shares a lot of good info on Ultraman racing. You can check out his website here:

Bevan Shares: Because the show didn't go to plan Bevan share's some thoughts on how to get the best out of yourself in all of the areas that it takes to have the best performance on your big race day. 





News: The boys are back for 2015; Bevan Docherty retires; Win a free entry to IMNZ by clicking here, thanks to Em's Power Cookies; New IM in Netherlands; Auckland 70.3 is coming up.

This Weeks Discussion: It's time to get your magic ball out and look into the future. We want you to predict who will retire throughout 2015, who are the pro's that we will be saying goodbye to this year. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's Em's man doing the hard works selling Em's Power Cookies. 

Age Grouper of the Week: James Bradshaw sent through his brother Dan Bradshaw as this weeks age grouper. Dan had to overcome so health issues leading up to Kona but that didn't stop him as he went on to complete the race with a sub 10. Plus he has been killing all of the local races. 

Statstastic: The fastest male time of all time is 7:41:33 by Andreas Realert. 

Become a patron: John and Bevan introduced 'Become a patron' on the show this week. Click here to find out how it works and if you want to help support the show. 

Website of the Week: Gary Fegan sent through If you want to waste a bit of time bing immature check out this sight.

This Weeks Websites: 





This week is the second of our end of the year shows. In this weeks show Bevan has put in one of his Fitness Behaviour podcasts. If you want to check out more of his podcast go to