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News: John's ITU update; Results from Lake Tahoe; Coming up races; John's camp. 

This weeks Discussion: We want to know what you think are the best triathlon quotes. You can choose funny or serious ones. Share the words ;-) Comment here.  

Age Grouper of the Week: Nemo Brauch sent through this weeks age grouper, John Withrow. John completed IM Wisconsin in a time of 11:55:48, what's crazy about this time is that he road a Fat Bike. Check out the photo below. He did this to raise money for Reserve Aid, you can donate here

Statstastic: Jorgensen has won 14 ITU races in a row!

High 5: John does a High 5 on getting kids to eat healthy. 

This Weeks Websites: John's Camp.




IMTALK EPISODE 481 - Kate Bevilaqua

News: Lots of results; What's happening with the Triple Crown; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: The boys want to know which flag New Zealand should choose as their national flag. We are having a referendum to see if we should change our flag and the first part of the process is about choosing an alternate option. Here are the four flags we have to choose from. From the photo choose the one that you like. The choices go from left to right, 1 being on the left and 4 being on the right. Comment here.

Statstastic: This week we look at the flatest courses in Ironman. 

Interview: This week we have an interview with Kate Bevilaqua. This three time IM winner recently was the overall winner of the Canada 520. She took out the whole field at this Ultra-distance race. On todays show gives us an indepth insight into her race. Plus we have a talk to her partner, pro athlete Guy Crawford. You can check out Kate's website here:

This Weeks Websites: Kona Qualification from Coach Cox, 401 challenge





News: Results from Zofingen and Geradmere; Kona start list is out; Athlete is banned for course cutting; IM Wales, Challenge Weymouth, and Challenge Aldmere are coming up; John's ITU.

This Weeks Discussion: Do you think that having a Half race at long course events detract from the event significantly? Does it bother you at all or is it actually a positive thing? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: John showing the kids how it's done at the JDTriathlon race. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Moose sent through Grace Gallagher for this weeks age grouper. Sadly she lost her 16 year old daughter in a horrible situation at the end of a race. Both Grace and her husband Dave have used this as a way to raise awareness and money for teenage depression. This lead to them starting Grace also completed an IM as a way to support the cause. 

Statstastic: John looks at Gomez' races this year. 

High 5: David Braveheart sent through 5 great sets for open water swimming. 

This Weeks Websites: Bevan's podcast with the author of The Gluten Lie