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News: Not much news this week as we recorded earlier than we normally do.  

This Weeks Video: Here's Cupcakes in Kona with Michelle Vesterby. 

Interview: Unfortunately we couldn't put the Chris Lieto on in this weeks show. So instead we have an interview that Bevan did on Radio New Zealand with Kathryn Ryan.  

Kona Questions: We cover a lot of the questions we got about Kona.  





News: Looking back on Kona; Results and coming up races; Prize money for local age groupers in Barhain; Free entry to Great Floridian; John Mclean finishes a triathlon; New IM distance race in UK. 

This Weeks Discussion: Now that Kona is done and dusted we want to know what your favorite Kona moment from 2014. Also let us know if you have any questions about our Kona experience. Comment here

This Weeks Video: Here's the clip that John talked about on the show with John Mclean. 

Coaches Corner: John does a deeper post race report from his day in Kona. 

This Weeks Websites: Get Rinny's visor and raise money for a good cause. 




IMTALK EPISODE 434 - Three great interviews

This weeks show is a little different as the boys are still on holiday in Hawaii. Before they finished their work in Kona they did three more interviews. 

Our first interview is with Teague Czislowski and Dr Michael Puchowicz 

The second interview is with Victoria Murray-Orr and from Challenge about what they have been up to and what they have got coming up over the next period of time. 

Our third interview is with Coach Muddy Waters. He has been a hugely successful coach who has coached many athletes to success over a long career. Check out his site: