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News: IM Cairns results; Cam Brown oldest IM winner; Challenge Bahrain prize purse breakdown; Coming up races; Update on the rankings. 

This Weeks Discussion: Peter Coulson sent through this weeks discussion. He was wondering where the mecca for training is in your country? You can only put down places in the country that you live in. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Some of the Epic Camp Lite Crew looking sharp on their cool bikes. 

Age Grouper of the Week:
Bradley "Speedo" Odom sent through this weeks age grouper, Harvey Gayer. Harvey has been a successful triathlete and Bradley said is a alround good guy. While this is great one of Harvey's biggest achievements is his massive weight loss. Check out these photos. 

Coaches Corner: John does an update on Project 2014 and a wrap up of Epic Camp Lite. 

Website of the Week: Seano The Porno sent through this site, It has a music clip that has been totally created on a bike. 

This Weeks Website: Team Every Man Jack, WSJ piece on Iron Distance races, Kickstarter for The Perfect Triathlon bag, Shining 4 Sharn





This weeks show is all about Epic Camp Lite and John's race. We do a little bit of news and some short interviews with some of the Epic Campers. 

This Weeks Discussion: With Crowie being DQ'd at Kona 70.3 we were wondering what are the stupidest rules in triathlon? If there was one rule you could change what would it be? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Ed 'Mr Demolition' Walford send through this great shot.




IMTALK EPISODE 415 - Dr Dan Benardot and Epic Camp Lite

News: Results from Brazil; Jo Lawn is pregnant; U.S Tri hall of fame class for this year named.

This Weeks Discussion: Toni Hodge sent through this question, here's her message: Leaving aside the typical controversy of giving spots to celebrities, there is another issue which is the fact that he joins a long line of MALE celebrities being given this opportunity.  Women are currently underrepresented in the sport and so we should be encouraging WTC to find a female celebrity to take on the challenge and inspire women around the world. So, question of the week, which female celebrity would you like to see WTC inviting to race at Kona in 2015? Comment here.

This Weeks Photo: Here's a shot of the Epic Camp Lite crew in Hawaii. 

Interview: This week we have a great interview with Dr Dan Benardot. Dan is one of the worlds leading sports nutritionist who has worked with many elite athletes, including Olympic medal winning Marathoners. On this weeks show he shares some great thinking on the topic of nutrition. You can check out his website here:, here's the link to his

Epic Camp Lite Update: John gives an update on Epic Camp Lite and we have interviews with a few of the Epic Campers. One of these is Neil Scholes who's coaching website we mentioned, the website is: