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IMTALK EPISODE 505 - Daniel Bercu

News: IMNZ is coming up; New members to the board of Women For Tri; 8-8-8 starts this weekend; Frodo out for a while; National IM records; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: For those of you who have done the LCHF diet what have your experience been? Tell us both the good side and bad side of living this way. Comment here.

Interview: This week we have organiser of Uberman Daniel Bercu on the show. It's a crazy event where you swim 21 miles, bike 400 miles and run 135 miles. You can check it out here:

Apps of the Week: This week John shares some apps that are helping with his LCHF diet. They are My Fitness Pal, Easy Diet Diary, and  

This Weeks Websites: Triratings national records; Fegan's fundraising page




IMTALK EPISODE 504 - Dougal Allan, Rob Gray, and Arno Selukov

News: Results from Challenge Wanaka and Ultraman Florida; Pete Jacobs back to racing well; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: This weeks question has two parts to it, first of all: In the sport of triathlon which race would you like to win the most? The second part is: If you could win any event in any individual sporting event in the world, which would it be? Comment here

Interview: We get the winner of Challenge Wanaka, Dougal Allan, on the show this week. He talks about his race day and shares what his plans are for 2016. If you want to follow Dougal go to his website:

Interview: A few weeks ago we had Rob Gray on the show to talk about his lead up to Ultraman Florida. This week we get him back on to talk about how his race went. You can check out his website here:

Interview: We get regular contributor to the show, Arno Selukov, on to share his experience of racing Challenge Wanaka last weekend. Arno has done 23 Iron distance races so he has some good insight to share. 



IMTALK EPISODE 503 - Grant Schofield

News: Frodeno racing Roth; Challenge Wanaka is this weekend; Random news. 

This Weeks Discussion: Ross Little sent through a cheap website for triathlon gear, For this weeks discussion we want you to share your favourite website to get your triathlon gear from. Comment here.  

Interview: This week we have an interview with Prof Grant Schofield. He has released two books on LCHF diets, one on them is for athletes. We talk to Grant about this topic and how LCHF works best for athletes. Check out his website here, where you can get his books