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IMTALK EPISODE 441 - Scott Molina on Steve Hed

News: All of the info from Challenge Bahrain; Million dollar payout in Challenge; Results from IMWA and Hits Palm Springs. 

This Weeks Discussion: If Kona and other events were not free online video coverage, would you pay to watch and if so how much would you be willing to pay? E.g. ITU charge twenty euro for the season. Comment here

Interview: With the sad death of Steve Hed recently we thought we would get Scott Molina on the show to share some insight and stories about Steve. He was an amazing thinker who will be missed. 

Statstastic: John brings up a good stat about Greg Bennett. 




IMTALK EPISODE 440 - Thorsten Radd and Paul (POD) O'Doherty

News: Results from Cozumel and Ultraman; Challenge Bahrain and IMWA are coming up; We focus on Challenge Bahrain.

This Weeks Discussion: Now that we know that Challenge are working on their long distance world championships, we were wondering if you think it would work as an age group champs? Would an age group Challenge championship lure you to the race? Comment here. 

Interview: Paul (POD) O'Doherty has been one of John's rivals in 2014. He managed to take John out at the world champs in Kona. For this reason we thought we would get him on the show and get him to talk about his day.

Interview: We have 'The Geek' Thorsten Radd from on the show again this week. He talks about the changes in the KPR system for 2015. If you want to get his KPR Observer click here. Remember to use the discount code imtalk at checkout $5 off.  

This Weeks Websites: Slowtwitch piece on Steve Hed, Watch Challenge Bahrain here





News: IMAZ sells out on site; IM Cozumel and Bahrain are coming up; Ultraman Hawaii is this weekend. 

This Weeks Discussion: With Ironman Arizona selling out on site some people felt that it was unfair for those who wanted to sign up on line. We were wondering if you think there is a fair way to reward people who help out at races, and support races but also look after those online? Comment here

This Weeks Photos: Proof from Matt Regan that John has been using a snorkel. 

Stat-Tastic: John introduced our new segment Stat-Tastic. Each week we'll give an interesting stat about the sport. 

Coaches Corner: John gives a wrap up on all of the nutritional information that we have had on the show over the years. 

Website of the Week: Peter Coulson sent through great video from from It's a history of the sport from the first world champs tilll today. Check it out here. 

This Weeks Websites: Gary Fegan's fundraising page; IM Predictions