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IMTALK EPISODE 411- Tim Noakes

This week we have a different show as the boys are away. We have a little bit of news but the majority of the show is an interview with Professor Tim Noakes. John has a great interview with this legendary sports science thinker. 

You can check out Tim's Twitter feed here:




IMTALK EPISODE 410 - Phil Patterson and Nate from Trainer Road

News: Results from Challenge Taiwan; Changes to Kona start; New IM in Taiwan; Challenge Roth has a strong race; Legacy and lottery spots announced. 

This Weeks Discussion: We want to know what you guys think the best pro performance has been since Kona 2013, not including Kona? Who has kicked butt the most? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Big Phil Paterson


Interview: This week we get top Age Grouper Phil Patterson on the show to talk about his progress which lead to a great IMNZ plus how he dealt with some hugely stressful times in his life post the Christchurch Earthquakes. 

Interview: We also talk to Nate from He talks about how Trainer Road works and how you get the most out of it. 

Website of the Week: Robin Gorry sent through this weeks website:

This Weeks Websites: Nemo Brauch sent through this recipe which is on John's website.  





News: Our IMTalk Jerseys are out; IM announced IM Maryland, Challenge announces race in Denmark; WTC maybe taking over the Challenge Barcelona races; Challenge Taiwan and Strongman Japan are coming up; We are finding out what All World Athletes get. 

This Weeks Discussion: We want to know what you feel would create a stronger age group field in Kona: Having 15 age group qualifying IM races split around the world (where all the other races wouldn't have Kona slots) or having an even amount of slots distributed over all of the different IM races in the world? Give us your reasons for your answer. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: John's happy ending at the end of Auckland 70.3. Thanks to Mike Pizel for send it through. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Glen Newbold send through his sister Kelly Newbold as this weeks age grouper. Kelly quit her job and moved to Australia after deciding it was time to get healthy. Over the next year she trained and completed IMNZ. Over that time she lost 35kg and was proud to cross the line at IMNZ in a time of 16:40. Well done Kelly!

Website of the Week: Quite a few people have sent through this weeks website of the week, It's a great site that Mike Plant and Scott Tinley have put together to keep a record of our amazing sport. 

This Weeks Websites: Bryan Payne Indiegogo fundraiser, Daniel Roberts Sports Management survey