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IMTALK EPISODE 329 - Andrew Hassard

News: Races coming up, Bevan's random question.   

Age Grouper of the Week: Ed Hawkins sent through this weeks Age Grouper, Brian Murphy. Here's what Ed wrote: I've got an age grouper of the week too from this race, Brian Murphy my pal from the big apple New york City. He has raced 11 ironman race in the US and around the world previously to the ironman NYC chasing that kona slot. He has been soooooo close a number of times, missing it by one place etc. On Saturday he put together a 9.52 to finish 4th in his age group and book his slot to the big island. It always amazes me that I hear so many stories of athletes chasing slots around the world only for a race to open in their back yard there they go and qualify, brilliant - well done Brian you deserve that slot and enjoy the big island mate.

Interview: Andrew Hassard recently completed a Decaman. In this weeks show we hear about his amazing experience. Andrew is a bit of a charater who has some good stories to share about his Deca journey.  Here's a clip of Andrew. If you want to support Andrews fundraising contact Paul O'Gara at:



John's History Lesson: In this weeks history lesson we look at the Ironman World Championships from the years 1989-1995. 




IMTALK EPISODE 328 - Gordo on the IM Training Weekend

News: IM Wales, Grand Columbian, Challenge UK and Metaman are coming up this weekend. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Nick from Tri Juice sent through this weeks age grouper, Bob Powers. Here's what Nick wrote: I’d like to nominate 88 year old Bob Powers for from White Bear Lake, Minnesota for Age Grouper of the week.  An amazing triathlete who proves and shows that you can still be active and doing triathlons in your late 80’s.  From June 30th – July 22nd (23 days / 3 weeks) Bob travelled to three different triathlon events across the Minnesota (Manitou Triathlon, Timberman Triathlon and Chisago Triathlon) to be around fellow racers and do one of the things he enjoys doing on the weekends, competing in triathlons.  Oh yeah, he took up the sport of triathlon at the age of 65.

When he goes by at a race, athletes and spectators that don’t know him are amazed to see him out on the course doing this sport.  He loves showing people including his friends that it’s not all about sitting around when you are old.

Interview: This week we have Gordo from Endurance Corner again. He covers doing an IM weekend of training. You can check out so many great Endurance Corner pieces here

John's History Lesson: In this weeks history lesson we look at the Ironman World Championships from the years 1983-1988. 




IMTALK EPISODE 327 - Barry Siff

News: Races coming up, World 70.3 Champs this weekend,  

Age Grouper of the Week: Ben 'The Running Man' Schorr sent through this weeks age grouper of the week, Gene Tschudy. Gene is one of those guys works full time, trains like an animal and shares his enthusiasm for the sport with all of those around him. He also recently got a Kona slot!

Interview: Barry Siff is one of the good guys of the sport. He's currently working with the crew at the Hits triathlon series. Over the years he's been an athlete, a very successful race director, triathlon promoter, writer and he's on the board of USAT. In this interview he shares lots of great insight, including why Boulder is such a great place for athletes. 

John's History Lesson: In this weeks history lesson we look at the Ironman World Championships from the years 1978-1982.