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News: We do an update on the Christchurch Earthquake, IMNZ preview.


Interview: We interview Pro Athlete Jo Carritt. She gives some great insight into the life of an up and coming pro.

Check out her coaching business here: 




Questions and Answers: John goes over a question about how to prepare your shoes in transition plus Stewart Milne asks about the cookbook. 





News: Macca is not doing Kona as he's aiming for the Olympics, strong pro field for Abu Dhabi, lottery closes next week, results for New Plymouth HIM and Rev 3 Costa Rica. 

This Weeks Discussion: What drives the competitiveness out of kids and what can we do to maintain it? Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Debi Hazelden sent through Helen Williams for Age Grouper of the Week. After having a baby she trained through tough conditions to have a great race in Challenge Copenhagen. 

High 5: This repeat High 5 was sent through from Nick from Sydney. It's on making your partner not hate Ironman. 

Website of the Week: Mark Yale sent through for website of the week. He's what he said about it: I was introduced to it when i was a member of the british sailing team when i stopped sailing so competitively i have used to help write a training programme for bike racing and have found it very useful and it has helped me complete a lot of my A level Coursework.

This Weeks Websites: Macca for Olympics, Abu Dhabi pro field

Dave Pike's TV ad: He's the guy in the red shirt. 





IMTALK EPISODE 249 - Gordo on big chain riding. 

News: Tri Grand Prix ups their price money, Tri Star continuing to expand, Coach to Coach update, WSJ article on triathletes in relationships. 

Discussion of the Week: John has come up with his top 10 female athletes of all time. Do you have any differences. Comment here


Endurance Corner Workout of the Month: Gordo from Endurance Corner goes over big gear work on the bike. He covers Matt Molloy's big gear workout. In the interview Gordo talks about an article that Alan Couzens wrote on the Endurance Corner blog, you can get it here

Websites of the Week: James 'The Wiseone' Bowtell sent through these videos that show the funny side of what we do. Ironman vs Ultrarunner, Ironman and training, Ultrarunner talks to his wife, Road Cyclist vs Ironman, Wife and triathlete talking

Plus we have this great site with lots of historic tri videos from Pim. Check it out here