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News: Results from Challenge Wanaka and Auckland 70.3, This week in Lance, Almere becomes a Challenge race. 

This Weeks Photo: Richard Swan send through this photo of Clyde Rozanoski finishing the New York Marathon in front of Lance

Age Grouper of the Week: Sam Pollard is this weeks age grouper. Sam road across Australia and then competed in IMWA. While he was doing this he performed, as a musician, on 18 nights. He did this as a massive fundraiser. You can check out his website here. 

High 5: John shares his High 5 on how to lose your jelly belly. 

This Weeks Websites: Trijuices' calendar of all of the new Triathlons in 2013.  




IMTALK EPISODE 343 - Chris 'Macca' McCormack

News: Challenge Wanaka and Asia Pacific 70.3 Champs in Auckland are coming up this weekend. 

Interview: This week we have Macca back on the show. He talks about his work with Challenge, his Kona and what is happening in 2013. Check out his website here:

Age Grouper of the Week: Scott Connolly send through Benny Moore as this weeks age grouper. Benny had a horrible race experience in 2008 where he was in a really bad place when he finished. From there he came back and had an amazing race at IMWA, finishing in a time of 9:10! 

Website of the Week: Grant Callaghan send through as this weeks website. It's a great place for chicks to share about training experiences. 

John's History Lesson: John talks about the ITU world champs in the mid 90's. 





News: Results from POT Half, This week in Lance, Mahe Drysdale is doing an Ironman, Bevan's race report. 

This Weeks Discussion: Bevan's been getting back into listening to music when he's out running. So this week he was wondering what music you guys are listening to when you are out there training. Give us your latest hits. Comment here. 

Interview: New Zealand Ironman legend Jo Lawn is on this weeks show. She talks about racing Challenge Wanaka, the later part of her career and life after Ironman. Check out Jo's website here:

Age Grouper of the Week: Richard Swan sent through Anna Ross for this weeks age grouper. She managed to pull of a 4th age group place in her first Ironman, which was at the Kona world champs! 

High 5: Skip Slade send through a High 5 on 'Lessons from an IM volunteer'. 

This Weeks Websites: Link to Ken Glah USAT Lifetime Achievement Award nomination.