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IMTALK EPISODE 246 - Mark Kleanthous on Double IM RACING

News: IM Malaysia postponed, Macca doing a book, Sam Warriner had heart issues, Endurance awards, Results from SA 70.3.

Discussion of the Week: If Lance did get busted for previously doing drugs would you still want him racing in Kona? Comment here on Facebook

Age Grouper of the Week: Tim Swanson sent through Matthew Miller for coming from near death to finish IM Cozumel in a time of 10:30:12 under some tough conditions. Here's the article about him. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Post Race.

Interview: We have Mark Kleanthous who has completed many IM's and Marathons but he has also raced in Doubles. In this interview we cover some tips on how to do a double. Check out his great website here and some more double tips here

Website of the Week: This weeks website are the Slowtwitch highlights of 2010. It's great work from those guys. Part 1, Part 2.



IMTALK EPISODE 245 - Pro Justin Daerr on hill running

News: Wanaka results, New Sponsorship guy for WTC, Belgium Pro Team, Our views on NBC Kona coverage. 

Discussion of the Week: Do you ever feel unsafe during an Ironman swim? Comment here

High 5: Mark Yale sent through a High 5 for 'excuses why the race went badly'.

1. The course was long.
2. It was only a 'training' race.
3. I was kicked in the face in the swim.
4. Did not taper long enough.
5. Underlying illness that flared up.
And keeping with tradition, tip number six: always use 'fatigued' instead of 'tired' as it sounds more professional.

Workout of the Month: We have Justin Daerr on the show going over Richard Swans' Hill Rep workout. Go to endurancecorner and check out the great camps that they have coming up over the next few months.







News: Challenge Wanaka this weekend, Poor pro field at Wanaka, Lance a no show in NZ, Chrissie maybe racing IMSA, Tri Star head to France, Prize draw for Tri Grand Prix! 

Discussion of the Week: Who is going to crack into the top five in Kona this year that has not been there before (or for the last three years)? Comment here 

Interview: This week we have an interview with Pete Short. Pete, who didn't have an athletic background, went from being overweight guy to getting down to nine and a half hours in IMNZ. He shares what he did to get there. 

Questions and Answers: Steve Cosentino sent through a question around the Brett Sutton interview so John gives some thoughts around it.