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IMTALK EPISODE 341 - Merry Christmas

Welcome to our Christmas day show! We hope you have an amazing day ;-) Here's what we have in this weeks show: 

Interview: This week we have Barry Siff back on the show. He shares what he's been up to, how the Hits races are going and his thoughts on ITU. It's a great interview, Barry knows his stuff. 

Fitness Behavior: We also have a episode of Bevan's other Podcast, Fitness Behavior. In this show he talks about 'The Process Challenge'. If you want to download the PDF you can get it from here. It cost $3 U.S.





This Weeks News: Bevan's making his comeback, Challenge announces more races, John's ITU update, Time Don going long, Inside Tri's 10 most influential people. 

This Weeks Photo: The Mountain Snails Family, Dad looking great in his IMTalk Tri Suit.


This Weeks Discussion: On this weeks show we confirmed our names for the different level of IMTalk IM finishers. We now need you to come up with the second name, this will make sense when you listen to the show. Also what do you think were the top 3, either male or female, performances of 2012? Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Marcel sent through Doug Neil and a race that the Banora Tri Club puts on every week. The sprint course race happens 26 times a year. Over the years Doug has done the race over 600 times! That's wicked work. 

Website of the Week: Last week we had a question about cramping at night. A few people sent through Ben Greenfields website as a good resourse on these types of questions. Check it out here:




IMTALK EPISODE 339 - Russell Cox

News: IMWA results, Timex 226 results, Matt Rogers does IMWA. 

This Weeks Discussion: Now that we are doing our IMTalk's Ironman finishers we want to have different grades for the different times you guys do. So for this weeks discussion we want you to come up with the names that we will use. Here are the different categories: Sub 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and over 13. We also need a special PB title as well. Comment here.  

This Weeks Photo: DDJ Super Dave Dwan is looking sharp in his IMTalk tri suit at the House of Travel Festival of Triathlon. 

Interview: This week have Russell Cox from Russell did an interesting piece on the difference between North American and Euro athletes at Kona. In this weeks show he shares some of his insights. 

Website of the Week: Mike 'Farnborough Fox' Hewison sent through this weeks websites:, They cover how we can save a lot of power in our chains. 

This Weeks Website: Germany website with good swimsets, Meditation book Bevan was talking about