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News: What's happening in the KPR rankings, John's ITU update, This week in Lance. 

This Week Discussion: John came up with this weeks discussion: If you were in charge of Challenge or WTC what things (maximum of 3) would you do to improve the organisation. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Bevan with Tabstar the cat. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Martin Hollywood send through Liz Pinches for this weeks age grouper as she manage to win her age group at Abu Dhabi not long after having a hip operation. 

Website of the Week: Kid Stardust sent through for this weeks website. It's a great site that lists pools around the world. 

Club of the Week: Jamie Bray sent us and email in 2007 about his tri club - The Wicklow Triathlon Club. We finally have it as our Club of the Week this week. Jamie says it's a great club that gets a good balance of training and the social stuff. Check them out here.

This Weeks Website: If you want to donate to Tim Heming's fundraising effort and get him to get a London Pride Ale (anywhere in the world) to you click here. 




IMTALK EPISODE 305 - Hunter Allen

News: Results from Galverston 70.3 and Leadmen 125, Analyzing IM Melbourne's results and this week in Lance. 

This Weeks Discussion: This weeks discussion comes from Drago Dzerve, here's what he said: There is a time trial start race here in the states that has more than 1500 participants each year.  Why can't we have time trial starts for the pro's in Kona or any other race?  Let World #1 start last and have them chase the crowd down or let them go first and let the chase begin.  Put in a 15M drafting zone and make it an individual sport.  If it is good enough for the Tour de France, why isn't it good enough for our sport? Comment

Legends of a Triathlon: This months Legends of Triathlon is out. This month we have Greg Welch on the show. Click here to get the show

Age Grouper of the Week: Both Peter Coulson and Michael Walker sent through this weeks AGOTW Greg Farrell. Greg qualified for Kona in Arizona and the back it up with a great race in Melbourne where he was the first age grouper overall in a time of 8:48:35. 

Interview: This week we have Hunter Allen on again. This time he talks about TSS and how you can use it in your training. He also talks about the Performance Management Chart. Check out all that he does here.



IMTALK EPISODE 304 - Rachel Joyce and Felix Walchshofer from Challenge

News: Results from IM Melbourne and Hitz, John's ITU update, Texas 70.3 is this weekend and Lance is racing. 

This Weeks Discussion: This weeks discussion is coming from Will Hogarth: Training when you loose your training mojo. What have you done to get fitness back on track when the mojo has gone? Comment here.

Interview: We have Rachel Joyce on the show to have a talk about her race in Melbourne. Check out her website:

Interview: We have Felix Walchshofer from Challenge to talk about what has been happening lately and where they are going from here.