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IMTALK EPISODE 228 - Tony Buckingham

News: IMUK gets more slots, Matt Reed to race IMAZ, IM Wisconsin run course was changed, Syracuse 70.3 was short, lots of 70.3 results. 

Discussion of the Week: James 'The Wise One' Bowtell sent through this weeks discussion. What products have you discovered that you want to rave about to the rest of the IMTalk community? Comment here

Interview with Tony Buckingham: Tony Buckingham managed to take and hour twenty off his IM time in eighteen months. We interview him to find out how he did. Check out his sponsor:

Website of the Week: Grant Callaghan sent through this site that helps to calculate your run/walk times. Here's the site:

 This Weeks Websites:, Danny Ward's piece about the song




IMTALK EPISODE 227 - Felix from the Challenge Family

News: Results and up coming races, John's ITU update, Blue Seventy releases the PZ3TX. 

Discussion of the Week: David Tunney sent through this weeks discussion: Does getting a rolldown for Kona actually count as qualification? Or is it just being able to afford the trip more than the person gave up the spot for the rolldown? Comment here

High 5: We have a quick interview with Felix about what is happening in the Challenge world. 

Bevan's New Podcast: Bevan has a new podcast called Fitness Behavior. Can you go to this link to subscribe to it as it will help people find it. 




News: Results, Coming up races, Chrissie and crew new song, John's ITU update, Bevan's butt prize money. 

Discussion of the Week: This week we have John's question from last week: What are the good and bad things about races with huge fields? Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Bree Witteveen sent through Roy McConnell for honorary age grouper of the week. Unfortunately Roy and his three adult sons were killed by a drunk driver. Roy was a special man who Bree spoke of highly. Our thoughts go out to his family.

Website of the Week: Neil 'Romeo' Scholes sent through this weeks website: It's a great site that helps you to identify your swimming faults and gives you some solution. 

This Weeks Website: Danny's news piece, James Lawrence website, Plus his youtube clip, Em's Power Cookies