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IMTALK EPISODE 256 - Liam Friary

News: IM South Africa coming up this weekend, Results from Oceanside, John's ITU update, the IMTalk auction winners named. 

Discussion of the Week: Next week is our fifth anniversary. We're getting Tom from Marathon Talk to do an interview with us but we want you guys to come up with the questions. So ask any question that you want us to answer on the show. It will be up to Tom to decide which questions he will ask. Comment here

Websites of the Week: Neil sent through this weeks websites:,,

Interview: We have an interview with Liam Friary. Liam lost 57kg in eighteen months when training for IMNZ. The guy is a real inspiration! 

This Weeks Websites: The Wiseone's books recommendations: Natural Running by Danny Abshire and The Long Run by Matt Long. Get them from our Amazon store




IMTALK EPISODE 255 - Marilyn McDonald On Strength Swimming

News: The K-Swiss million dollar offer for the Raelert brothers, John's ITU update, Oceanside 70.3 is coming up. 

Discussion of the Week: You are in third place in Kona. There's no way you can win but you are catching one of the Raelert brothers knowing that you will definitely get second. When you get up to him he offers you $100,000 to let him beat you. What would you do? Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Matt Miller sent through Anthony Parker for this weeks age grouper. Anthony has worked hard over the years to improve. In Singapore 70.3 all this work paid off with him winning his age group. Well done Anthony. 

Interview: We have an interview with Marilyn McDonald from about strength swimming. To check out one of Endurance Corners camps go here. 

This Weeks Website: The lap counting watch, Jo Carrot and Steven Lord's training camp, Off road IM in the UK




IMTALK EPISODE 254 - IMNZ Winner Sam Warriner

News: Results for Singapore and San Juan 70.3, IMNZ & China sell out, Macca writes about our Brett Sutton interview, auction update.

Interview: We have an interview with IMNZ winner Sam Warriner. Check out her website here

This Weeks Discussion: Here's another from Ben Schoor: After your big tough workout of the week what is the first thing you reach for to eat? Comment here. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Cam Hanson sent through Luke 'Nuts' Nuttall for age grouper. Luke has lost 40kg since starting triathlon and he has also achieved some great results. 

Website of the Week: David-Nan Chambers sent through It's a great place if you want to map your runs. 

This Weeks Links: Macca's write up on our Sutton interview, Tour de Tri, Run for Christchurch


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