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IMTALK EPISODE 249 - Gordo on big chain riding. 

News: Tri Grand Prix ups their price money, Tri Star continuing to expand, Coach to Coach update, WSJ article on triathletes in relationships. 

Discussion of the Week: John has come up with his top 10 female athletes of all time. Do you have any differences. Comment here


Endurance Corner Workout of the Month: Gordo from Endurance Corner goes over big gear work on the bike. He covers Matt Molloy's big gear workout. In the interview Gordo talks about an article that Alan Couzens wrote on the Endurance Corner blog, you can get it here

Websites of the Week: James 'The Wiseone' Bowtell sent through these videos that show the funny side of what we do. Ironman vs Ultrarunner, Ironman and training, Ultrarunner talks to his wife, Road Cyclist vs Ironman, Wife and triathlete talking

Plus we have this great site with lots of historic tri videos from Pim. Check it out here 




IMTALK EPISODE 248 - Scott Molina on Sutton

News: New Iron Distance race in Japan, Inside Tri's fifteen greatest male athletes, Macca racing Challenge Cairns. 

Discussion of the Week: Bam sent through this question: I have a question around the 'M-Dot' brand. Specifically, the increase in the amount of endorsed products out there like the "official ironman matress" or Avon aftershave! Do you think that this lessens the M-Dot brand? And by association the kudos of doing an official Ironman event. Comment here

Interview with Scott Molina: We have Scott Molina on the show this week where he shares some of his thoughts on our interview with Brett Sutton. He also tells some great stories about the 80s and introduces his new book 50 One-Hour Workouts

This Week Websites: New race in Japan, Inside Tri's top 15 men, 365 Marathons.





News: Macca vs Crowie at Abu Dhabi, Macca racing early in the season, Richard Ussher going back to Multisport, Baylis' racing Challenge Henley. 

Discussion of the Week: What was the biggest thing you did in 2010 that improved your performance the most? Comment here

High 5: James 'The Wise One' Bowtell sent through a High on going to foreign races. 

Coaches Corner: John predicts how he would go as a pro under the new points system for Kona.

Websites of the Week: Tom Hibberd gave us some fun websites that give interesting rules for cycling. If you are looking for a fun time waster these are worth a look. Rules of the Euro Cyclist, Velominati Rules

Questions and Answers: We have questions and comments from Andrew Black, David Pearce, Roland Chuter, Will Richards and Joe Walski.