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IMTALK EPISODE 336 - Jason Langston

News: Macca heading to Challenge Wanaka, IM Arizona results, IM Cozumel and Ultraman are coming up, Ali Brownlee is doing the Abu Dhabi Half.

This Weeks Discussion: Mark Johnston sent through this weeks discussion. It's a simple one, what is your most dreaded session and why? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: The boys with Randy Barron in Kona. 

Website of the Week: Andrew Johnson from Triumph Training has a strength training book for triathletes. Click here to get the book

Interview: We have an Jason Langston from Jason has just completed 48 Ironmans in four months! In todays show he shares a few stories about his experience. 

This Weeks Websites: Guys Kona Pack, Girls Kona Pack.




IMTAlk EPISODE 335 - Marilyn McDonald

News: IM Arizona is coming up, Results from Hits, Challenge Henley has problems, Get your IMTalk Kona T-Shirt, John's ITU update, Whitfield and Rana going long, Triathlete gets done for drugs, F1 Tri.

This Weeks Discussion: Brent Campbell sent through this weeks discussion. For those of you that have gotten over a rut or period where you were over trained, how do you do it? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Bevan interviewing The Admiral in Kona. 

Age Grouper of the Week: James Thomas sent through this weeks age grouper: Brett Titus. After having a bad bike crash at IM Wisconsin he continued on to complete the race in a time in 11:00:52 to get 7th in the 50-54 age group. 

Interview: Today we have Marilyn McDonald from Endurance Corner. This week she covers the importance of routine and creating your own team. Remember that you can check out more of her great work at Endurance Corner

Interview: We have Al from Yoga Sync on the show talking about their cool yoga website that lets you put together your own workouts based on your own needs. Click here to check it out: Here are the discount codes, Gold Plan: imtalkg, Platinum Plan imtalkp 

This Weeks Websites: Get your IMTalk Kona T-Shirt, The Henley vote for the Challenge Race





News: Starykowicz kills the Florida ride, Results from IM Florida, Vineman to auction for NY fundraisers, John's ITU update, Tim Don's thoughts on Olympic Tri, Hitz Lake Havasu is coming. 

This Weeks Discussion: With what happened at Miami 70.3 last weekend, we were wondering what your solution would be to fix drafting? Also if people are clearly cheating on purpose should there be stronger penalties, if so what should they be? Comment here

This Weeks Video: Here's a clip that got made about Bevan and his world. 

High 5: James 'The Wiseone' Bowtell sent through this weeks High 5, how to put out a bogus time. 

Coaches Corner: John is coming back to IM! In this weeks show he shares his plans for the next couple years. 

Website of the Week: Graeme Stewart has created a cycling nutrition on his website, you can check it out here:

This Weeks Websites: Vineman, Tim Don's thoughts on ITU, Paul Ryan Marathon Calculator.