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News: Lots of race results and John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: Annette sent us an email about Gordon Macaulay trying to beat the IMNZ bike course record in next years race. This lead to her question: When experts in their field set out to break a record in a triathlon like an Ironman is it relevant? Remember the best post wins You Are An Ironman: How six weekend warriors chased their dream of finishing the world's toughest triathlon. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Bevan, Porno on and the boys on their road trip to Dunedin for the rugby world cup. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Tim Stutzer send through Julia Nikololpoulos for this weeks age grouper. She had an amazing race in IM Germany where she won her age group by over twenty mins! 

Geek Out with Thorsten: Thorsten has been doing a lot of work around the stats in our sport. We discuss some of his recent post. You can get them here: Kona Pro Rankings, More Kona analysis, Is it harder for women to get Kona slots, Kona top 3s, or check out his great website:





News: Results for Cologne 226 and The Candian 226, IMWI, IM Wales REV3 Cedar Point coming up, Jo Lawn is doing Kona, 70.3 world champs this weekend, John's ITU update. 

Discussion of the Week: Thanks to you guys and girls the boys are heading to Kona in a few weeks for our biannual Kona Super Specials. What are the challenges that you want us to do when we are there? One rule, we can't end up in jail! Comment here

This Weeks Photos: John and Kids with Triathlon Legend Hamish Carter. 

Coach's Corner: John gives some more tips on climbing in the mountains. 

This Weeks Websites: REV3 pros, Steeplechase Finisher,






News: Lots of results from all over the world, Melbourne sells out in five minutes, Sweden to hold first Ironman, Phuket 70.3 gets 30 Kona slots, CEO tweet about Kona slots. 

Discussion of the Week: In last weeks discussion Jordan 'Rappstar' Rapp made a comment about changing the world champs to the different regional champs location every year. Do you think world champs outside of Kona would work? Also, what would be the effect of this on Kona? Comment here. 

Triathlete Mind Affilate link: Chris Janzen was on the show last week. If you want to get his books click here. 

This Weeks Photo: Bel Fong has a great race shot, see if you can beat it ;-) 

Age Grouper of the Week: Nemo 'Doree' Brauch sent through Coach Patrick McCrann as this weeks age grouper. After having to pull out of Lake Placid due to a crash he came back the next year and pulled off a PB! He's also great at getting people to be successful in IMs. 

High 5: Hywell 'Towel' Davies has sent through this weeks High 5 on climbing in the alps. He mentioned this website:

Youtube clip: James 'The Wiseone' Bowtell picked up an IMTalk jersey in this Youtube clip. 


This Weeks Websites: Ironband, Patrick McCrann's blog about his crash.