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IMTalK EPISODE 316 - Inigo San Millan

News: Results from IM Regensburg, New Ironman at Lake Tahoe, IM CDA and France are coming up, This week in Lance, John's ITU update, Philip Graves wins UK 70.3. 

This Weeks Photo: John 'The Mountain Snail' Hancock sent through this great shot ;-) 

Interview: Inigo San Millan is a the Director of the Exercise Phyiology and Human Performance at the University of Colorado. He's done some great testing on aero positions and metabolic performance. He has some great insights which may make you think about your set up. 

This Weeks Websites: Brett Sutten getting the young fella on board, Matty Reid riding in a wetsuit




IMTalK EPISODE 315 - Rasmus Henning

News: Results from Challenge/ETU European Half IM Champs, IM Regensburg is coming up this weekend, John's ITU update, Potts and Cave win Escape from Alcatraz, This week in Lance. 

This Weeks Discussion: John was wondering if there should be prize money for top age groupers at Ironman races? If you think there should be what amount do you think is the right amount? Comment here

Interview: Rasmus Henning has released a new book. This week we have an interview with him about the book and how things are going this year. His book is a journal of his 2011 season, with the highs and lows and how he balances life as a pro and family man. The feedback on the book has been great. If you want to get his book you can get it for only $9.99 from

This Weeks Photo: Robert Bertrand has an eagle eye. He was watching a YouTube clip of the Kona 70.3 when he saw something interesting with Lance's helmet, he doesn't have it strapped in. Check it out. 

Website of the Week: Kevin Venza sent through this weeks website: It's a great news site that seems to be the best place to the pro lists for IM races. 




IMTalK EPISODE 314 - Epic Camp Lite Kona

News: Results from IM Cairns and Kona 70.3, Macca's not going to the Olympics.

This Weeks Discussion: Colin 'The Convict' Bialkoski sent through this weeks discussion. A co-worker of his completed a marathon a while ago but they walked during it. Colin feels that it's great that his co-worker completed the distance but they hadn't ran a marathon so it's not the same. He wonders if it's the same thing for 70.3s and IM's. Colin put it this way: 'So basically the point is, from a moral point of view, if you can't run the whole distance from start to finish, should it really count?' Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: 1:11 Half Marathoner Richard Swan sent through this weeks Age Grouper, Clyde (Roz) Rosanowski. Roz is a former high level runner who converted to Tri's a few years ago and since doing that he hadn't really had a result that he was happy with. This all changed when he race IM Melbourne where he did a 66m swim, a 5:04 bike and a 3:16 run to come in on a time of 9:35. That's a great result. 

Epic Camp Lite Interviews: John has some interviews with the athletes at Epic Camp.