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IMTalk Nicknames

Gavin 'Tweekie' Rogers 

'The Ballistic Hammer' Bobby Bostic 

'Cool Hand' Chance Barber 

'Sideburns' Graham Farr 

'The Farnborough Fox' Mike Hewison 

'The Lifesaver' Duncan Smith 

'The Holly Hammer' Murray Lapworth 

'The Raging Bull' David Yelland 

Craig 'The Dream' Weaver   

'The Curly Freight Train' Mark P 

Jim 'Jolly' Rogers 

Patrick 'Beverly Hills Cop' Foley 

Tammy 'The Phantom Female' Rutledge 

'Footloose' Phil Hall 

'The Informer' James Styler 

'The Portuguese Parrot' Francisco Trocado 

'Seattle Supersonic' Eric Kelley 

Glen 'The Jersey Modifier' Russell 

'The Running Man' Ben Schorr 

Mark 'Supersonic' Langley 

Nicholas 'Hot Stepper' Shepperd 

'Maverick' Hendrik Wismeijer 

'High Voltage' Mark Whittle 

Matthew 'Blazing Saddles' Evans 

Nicholas 'The Juicinator' Morales 

'Mr Demolition' Edwin Walford 

'Rough Rider' Jonathan Kembery 

'The Baltimore Basher' David Hopkins 

Craig 'Raceaholic' Nicholson 

'Starjump' Mark Sortino 

John 'The Mountain Snail' Hancock

'Frenchie' Andrew Farrow 

'Mystic Ciaos' Lee Gamble 

'5 year plan' Bob Collishe

'The Krazy Punisher' Daniel McBride

'Buster Spinner' Paul Bieraugel 

'The Brisbane Bullet' Andrew Charles 

'Daddy Death' Peter Tinholt 

Stuart 'Earthquake' Ansell 

'The German Gazette' Daniel Kasack 

'The Breeze' Peter Chambers 

'Captain Bolt' Roy Spicer 

'The Jet Rocket' Barbara Nelson 

'Grandmaster' Raymond Pineiro 

'Dr Danger' Seth Miller 

'The Texas RangerFrank Lee 

Thomas 'John Newsom' Peoples 

'Team Powerfit' Jeff and Deb Smith 

'Mr Consistency' Gary Fegan 

'Splendid Spinner' Jay Waters 

'The Thinking Man' Andrew Jackson

David-Nan 'Brave Heart' Chambers  

'Flaming Punk' Greg Crofford 

Gerrard 'The Terroriser' Smith 

'The Low Rider' Richard Marlow 

Nick 'Nose' Rose

'The Big Hurt' Patrick Healy 

'The Yeovil Yodeller' Ed Hawkins 

'Mayhem' Andrew Maher 

'No Nonsense' Ned Phillips 

'Hulkamania' James Cody 

'The Golden Boy' Brett Hanmer 

'Punch Drunk Lover' Yancey Arrington

'The British Bulldog' Darren Leslie 

'The Dark Knight' Christopher Day 

Erin 'The Total Package' Lee 

'The Limb Reaper' Michael Langley 

'The Admiral' James Picker 

'Age of Danger' Stuart Milne 

Jolyon 'Abington Animal' Holdstock

'Big Snozel' Adam Bardsley 

'The Deconstructor' David Levy 

'The 'Breeze' Mark Jones 

Alvin 'Smelly Feet' Cooney 

'The Crimson Ghost' Leann Barr 

Patrick Cusack The Hulk

Scott 'The Ice Man' Richdale 

Marc 'Skywaker' Atkinson 

'The Darlington Demoraliser' Neil Mcloughlin 

'Agent 140' Joan Hellman 

'The extinguisher' Simon Brierley 

David  Sufferfest

Gavin Duffy

Randy Stanfield

Peter O'malley

cameron bremner 

Simon 'Stokes Sky' High

'Hot Lips' Fiona Elder 

David 'The Green Light Kid' Rowe 

Simon 'The Storm' Hance   

'The Beast of Barcelona' Dale Beach  

'Snow Ranger' Rebecca Smith  

James 'The Wise One' Bowtell

'The Coogee Croc' Peter Mcleod 

Heath 'White Flame' Warwick 

'Jail Bird' James Poole 

Dawne 'Desert Fox' Tiller 

'Spice Boy' Bryan Dunn 

'Pit-bull' Jess Peebles 

Brad 'T Bone' Miller 

'Two Wheel Predator' Paul Monk 

'General' Mike Maher 

'The Stallion' Giancarlo Nisimblat 

Jacob 'Method of Madness' Bunner 

'Grandmaster' Raymond Pineiro 

Hywel 'Demon Einstein' Davies   

'The Ambassador' Henry Slade IV 

'Flaming Sword' Mark Weaver 

'The Green Beret' Brice Shirbach 

Drew 'Boogie nights' Ziegler 

'Lightning Lady' Ali Hillington 

'Danger Mouse' Mal James 

'The Road Assassin' Neil Mcloughlin 

'Ninja' Neil Stafford 

Karl 'Airey Fairy' Coleman 

'The Canalian' Jeremy Hopwood 

Brian 'The One Man Show' Wainwright 

'Game face' Simon Bowen 

'Rainbow Commander' Sarah Wynne 

Tom 'Goldfinger' Babbington 

Paul 'Raving Speedester' White 

'No Holds Bared' Roland Chuter

'The Skivey Burglar' Ian Tivey 

Charles 'All Black' Nicolls

Paul 'Infinite Heart Beater' Wakeford

Randy 'Twin Vines' Stanfield

'Crazy Frog' Christophe Le Yoanc

'Simply the Best' John Rea

Paul 'The Charming Boss' Jarvis

'Smokin' Scott Garrett

Michael 'The Bodacious Bolter' Robins

Gavin 'Miracle Boy' Duffy

'Boom Boom Pow' Cameron Robertson 

James 'Awesome McAwesome' McPherson

'Triple M' Magnificent Matthew Molloy

Maureen 'Iron Warrior' Gibbons

Kit 'The Extreme Hoff' Gillibrand 

Troy 'Speedy Sheik' Watson

'The Feline Express' James Bishop

Cameron 'The Tri Ninga' Bremner

'The Player' Peter O'Malley

'T-Rex' Andrew 'Diplodocus' Kerr

Tim 'The Axe' Lowe

Doran 'Drop the Bass' Bosso

Richard 'The Prince of Darkness' Osborne

Lee 'Indestructible' Wallington 

Dan 'The Man' McCormack

Rachel 'The Downsized Destroyer' Ragona

Nick 'Knock Me Out' Hutton

Belinda 'Tucky' Fong

Alan 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' McLean

Timothy 'Rocky' McGrath

Vince 'The Body' Mullen

David 'The American Idol' Ruckman

'Master of the Universe' Kendall Gray

Richard 'Don't mess with the Scary Bear' Waddington

Peter 'The Eagle' O'Malley

'Harald Bluetooth' Alisdair Hall

Paul 'The Cumbrian Outlaw' Rodger

'The Mighty Duck' Cormac Ryan

'Big John Stud' John-Michael Stordon

Julie 'Star Gazer' Gorham

'Foot Down Fast' Richard Merry

Matthew 'The Pain Packer' Evens

'Ballbreaker' Stuart Butler

Kathryn 'The Terrier' Flodquist

Leonides 'The Gifted Artist' Montero

'Governor' Michael Walker

'Tri's Pandora' Lisa Beck

Michael 'The Natural' Bleakley

'The Smooth Operator' Julia Jones

Ian 'Sea Hawk' Burns

Richard 'The Noise' Dehn

Richard 'The Apprentice Snail' Fletcher

Matt 'V8' Houlden

Mark 'The Beast of Basingstoke' Saunders

David 'The Years Love' Grey

'The Lion King' Steve Coy

Aaron 'The Interpreter' Hurwitz

Kevin 'The Muddy Duck Warrior' Lindeque

Cameron 'The Crusader' Griffiths

'Smash and Dash' Dinnis Wang

Justin 'Super Dad' Waller

Michael 'Mazda Engine' Threadgould

Lisa 'The Abominable Adventure' Beck

Brad 'The Moose' Armstrong

Mark 'Mr Delicious' Fincher

Michael 'LA Ranger' Egan

Craig 'Hex' Mockler

Robbert 'Boom Boom' Beelen

Jeff 'The Voice' Smith

Alan 'One mean son of a gun' Edmonson

Jeff 'The Explosion' Curry

Jackie 'Kung Fu Spinner' McCarthy

Matthew 'Kamikaze King' Jones

Dianna 'Captain Darling' Adkison

Huw 'Now Brown Cow' Dolphin

Tony 'The Tri Don' Morgan

Ian 'Sweet, Silky, Smooth' Hersey

Martin 'Goes to' Hollywood

Jakob 'Orange Lightling' Thusgaard

Brain 'The Mus' Lafleur

Monica 'The Blur Machine' Mitchell

Andrew 'Sgt. Pepper' Abbey

Colin 'Hungry Like a Wolf' Durrant

Scott 'The Inflictor' Roehrborn

Rob 'The Foot' Dellimore

'Mr Inquisitive' Cam Langsford

 Zach 'Attack' Poehlman

'Mr Good' William Hunter

Anne 'Long Thong' Thilges

Dave 'The Slave' Dwan

Marion 'The Swan' Herring

'Triclops' Peter Hagen

Matt 'The Peaceful Tri Ninja' Tench

'Queen' Bea Joliot

Sam 'The Tomahawk' Tomkins

Shawn 'Bonza' Bonsell

Julia 'Cleopatra' Jones

Des 'Seagull' Adkinson

Marc 'The Missile' Scudamore

'The Nemesis' Neil Davies 

Ian 'Kick Butt' Coleman

'White Lightening' Ian Hersey

Jim 'No Access' Allpass

Paul 'Captain Hook' Fitzpatrick

Michael 'Sylvester' Parrotte

Gareth 'The Mighty Flynn'

Mike 'The man of many faces' Thomas

Lee 'The Man in Black' Wellington

Rob 'The Dagger' Tappenden

Chris 'You Will Obey' King

Nadine 'Flower Power' Voice

Thomas 'Bugsy' Malone

Paul 'The Chainsaw' Linck

Anthony 'Hot Rod' Ripamonti

Bruce 'Tomahawk' Tomlinson

Stuart 'The Answer' Moore

Briana 'The Golden Jet' Wittleveen

Tim 'The Crusader' Perkin

Paul 'Don't mess with the Mad' Monk

Mark 'Pollex' Jeszke

Paula 'The Flying Matador' Green

David 'Everyone thinks I am' Manley

Thomas 'The Landlord' Bergmair

Rodney 'White Lightning' Jackson

Norman 'Dizzy Rascal' Rascal

Paul 'Lighting' White

William 'Mr Good' Hunter

Marcus 'The Angry Shark' Daws

Ian 'The Goods' Hall

David 'Lord Turtle' Southall

Paul 'Delorean' McVey

David 'The Raging Bull' Fish

Andrew 'The Mystery Man' Weston

Craig 'The Rock Foundation' Nicholson

David 'Man on a Mission' Fish

Dianna 'Add it up' Adkison

James 'Friar Tuck' James Mclaughlin

Steve 'The Myth' Hatton

Mike 'The Baby Faced Assassin' Scherrer

Bohdi 'Mojo Risin' Morrison

'Agent Smackdown' Warren Sutherland

Stephen 'Crunchy' Toner

Neil 'Ninja' Stafford

Martin 'Silver Surfer' Silvester

Nikalas 'The Big Ticket' Cook

Rob 'Spine Tingler' Green

Ros 'The Avenger' Welton

Shawn 'Of The Dead' Gerdes

Dave 'Triple D' Dwan

Michael 'Butterbean' Parrotte

Derrick 'Hillbilly' Murray

Molly 'Tri Rapper' McNamara

Frank 'Houdini' McVeigh

'The Major' David Phillips

James 'The Denver Dynamo' Dicker