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IMTALK EPISODE 429 - Epic Camp Canada Part 2

News: Kona slots confirmed; John's ITU update; Results; Challenge Bahrain pro list is out; John Van Wisse destroys Enduroman Arch to Arc record; Races coming up. 

This Weeks Discussion: John wanted to know what the most epic session you have ever done is? To clarify this, it can be more than one session but it had to be completed within one day. Time to show how hard core you are. Comment here

Epic Camp Updates: The rest of the show is about Epic Camp. We have more interview and a review of the rest of the camp. Again you can check out the athlete blogs here




IMTALK EPISODE 428 - Epic Camp Canada

News: This week we have quick wrap up of the news. 

Epic Camp Updates: This week is all about Epic Camp. We have an update and some interviews with people on the camp. You can check out the athletes blogs here





News: Robbo may get to Kona; Up coming races; WTC finances; Andrew Messick's latest interview. 

This Weeks Discussion: John wanted to know if you are someone who doesn't use sports nutrition when you are racing, what do you use? We are hoping that you are staying away from a Big Mac in transition. Comment here

This Weeks Video: After our bear discussion we thought we would put up a bear clip. Check this out.

Age Grouper of the Week: Jo Baxas sent through Adrian O'Brien as this weeks age grouper. Adrian won a free entry to IMUK three days before the race and he decided to do it. He managed to finish the race in a time of 13:23. Well done Adrian. 

Coaches Corner: John does an overview of what they will be doing at Epic Camp. 

Fitness Behavior: This week we have one of Bevan's fitness behavior podcasts in the show. 

This Weeks Website: Andrew Messick's interview; WTC finances