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IMTALK EPISODE 424 - Sharn McNeil & Craig Gruber 

News: The fundraising for 7th place at Lake Placid; Lots of results; Commonwealth Games update; 70.3 World Championships in Mooloolaba in 2016; Crowie may race Kona; Melissa Hauschildt going to Kona; Sprint AG champs become draft legal; Coming up races. 

This Weeks Discussion: We read this piece on Triathlete We wondering if not having Kona slots affect your decision to enter a particular Ironman race. Comment here

Interview: This John does an interview with Sharn McNeil & Craig Gruber. Sharn's story is amazing, it shows what's great about the people in our sport. Check out her website here

This Weeks Websites: Deano Gaskin's Everesting story, The funding site for Lake Placid




IMTALK EPISODE 423 - Sporty Doc Tamsin Lewis

News: Results from Roth and IMUK; Macca is coaching James Cunnama; Lots of racing coming up this weekend; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: John was wondering what your favourite swim sets are? What we are looking for is your top one or two swim sets. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's a photo of John doing what he's doing a lot of lately, riding on the wind trainer ;-)

High 5: This week we finish off Ben "The Running Man" Schorr High 5 on good training tips. 

Interview: This week we get IMUK winner Tamsin Lewis on the show. She shares her race day experience and what's she's going to be up to over the next few months. You can check out all things Tamsin at

This Weeks Websites: Ecrumbs from Road ID





News: Roth's 30th Anniversary; Vineman Results; Latest KPR; IMUK coming up; Emma Snowsill retires; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: This week Bevan was wondering what would be the ultimate Ironman spectator experience? If you could plan the ultimate day when you were going to watch a friend do the race what would that day include? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's the photo Sam Gyde at the awards in Germany.

Age Grouper of the Week: Gary Fegan sent through this weeks Age Grouper, Adam Bardsley. Adam worked hard to get to Kona this year. He worked his butt off, overcame some adversity which lead to his ticket. Well done Adam. Check out his blog here

Rant of the week: We go over our fact finding work.