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IMTALK EPISODE 491 - Shannon Kurek

News: Asia-Pacific Championships moves to Cairns; Results from Phuket Tri; Ultraman and IM Cozumel are coming up; Challenge finalise their bonus structure; Changes to the IM Legacy programme. 

This Weeks Discussion: Are you cynical about the legacy programme or do you think WTC heart was in the right place when they first came up with it? What tweaks would you make to the programme? Comment here

Website of the Week: Adam 'The King' Turner sent through this funny YouTube clip showing the world what it's like to deal with Magpies. 

Interview: This week we have Shannon Kurek from The American Triple T race in Ohio. You can check the event out here:

John's Rant of the Week: After reading this piece on Outside Mag John has a rant about the cost of triathlon. 





News: Results from IM Malaysia and Arizona, Laurent Vidal passes away, John's rant. 

Website of the Week: Here's the video from this weeks Website of the Week,, which was sent through by The Mountain Snail. 

John's History Lesson: This week John gives a lesson on the history of the Duathlon World Champs. 

Statstastic: We have a look at the closest womens race in Kona. 




News: Results from Island House Triathlon, IM Fortaleza and IM Florida; IM Malaysia and Arizona are coming up; What's happening with Macca?; IMTalk 10 year training weekend. 

This Weeks Discussion: Would you do a race like the Island House Tri? What do you feel would be the best format for a AG’ers multi day race? Also, how many press ups can you do? Comment here. 

This Weeks Photo: This weeks is a gif, check it out here

Statstasic: We look at the first woman to go Sub 9. 

Coaches Corner: Here are the sets that were in this weeks Coaches Corner. 

Deep Water Running Example Workouts:

Building Endurance Sets:

2 x (4 min @ 80% HRR or HRmax  6 min @ 75% HRR or HRmax  10 min @ 70% HRR or HRmax + 2 min easy)

Aerobic Endurance with Sprint & Strength Work:

Continuous Run x  6 min at steady pace THEN run HARD wall-to-wall, when you get to the wall perform flutter kick on wall x 30 seconds max effort  run HARD wall-to-wall + wall push ups x 25 reps…repeat series 

Intensity Ladder:

10 min at steady pace  ↑ intensity slightly & hold x 5 min  8 min steady  ↑ intensity more than previous & hold x 5 min  6 min steady  ↑ intensity even more than previous & hold x 5 min  5 min steady  steady ↑ even more than previous & hold x 5 min  (so every harder 5 min piece gets a little harder with every effort) 

Negative Splits & Technique:

4-5 x (Steady run x 3 min + Cone-to-cone negative splits (run faster pace every time you pass a cone x 4) + tech drills (flat foot march, high knees ‘staying on your toes’, long jog, fast feet shuffle, butt kicks) 1 length of pool then Stride (form focused run) back to start

**either set up cones ~ 10-15 ft apart OR use landmarks in the pool for your point to point drills).