IMTalk Episode 618 - Rob Green

News: Kona is ok; Results from 70.3; Coming up races; John's ITU update; What the hell is going on. 

This Weeks Discussion: What are the worst race director decisions you have encountered and on reflection still piss you off? Comment here


Interview: This week we have Rob Green on the show. Rob is a Kona qualifier who is also a top chiropractor. In this interview he gives us some insight of the value of chiropractic work. You can find Rob here:

Website of the Week: Here's this weeks website: Lanzarote Bike Course

My First Tri: Volker Voit send through the story of their first tri. 

This Weeks Websites: We are triathletes film trailer

IMTalk Episode 617 - Melanie McQuaid

News: Results from Ironman Santa Rosa and Ultraman Australia; Coming up races; John's ITU update; What the hell is going on. 

This Weeks Discussion: Now that the Southern Hemisphere season is done we want to know what is the most impressive performance you have seen? We also want to know what is the best performance that has not been given enough credit? Comment here


Interview: This week we have an interview with with 'Racer Girl' Melanie McQuaid. Mel's is a 2x ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion, a 3x XTERRA World Champion, and a 6x IM 70.3 Distance Champion. We talk about her career, her training, and she gives some tips on how to race Xterra successfully. You can follow Mel here:

Coaches Corner: This week we break down the different apps available for indoor training sessions. 

IMTalk Episode 616 - Sara Gross

News: Results from Ironman Australia and other races; Coming up races; The Ironman Texas debacle; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: With all the talk about drafting around Ironman Texas this week we want you to share your best tips for dealing with drafting situations. Share away. Comment here


Interview: This week we have an interview with 2x Ironman champion Sara Gross. We talk about the Women in Triathlon Summit. What are the aims of the summit, who will be presenting, and she gives an overview of the current position and future of females in the sport. You can find out more about the summit here. You can follow Sara here

Coaches Corner: John goes over how to draft within the rules of triathlon. 

This Weeks Websites: Triathlete piece on Ironman Texas record debacle

IMTalk Episode 615 - Mitch Robins

News: Results from Ironman Texas and Challenge Taiwan; What to do with the drafting at Texas; John's ITU update; Superleague update; Coming up races. 

This Weeks Discussion: It's time to find your old racing images. This week we want you to show us two photos - one being your oldest racing image and one being a more recent one. It will be interesting to see the difference between both of them. Comment here

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 5.27.00 AM.png

Interview: This week we have an interview with Mitch Robins. Mitch has had a very successful short course/70.3 career and is now about to tackle Ironman for the first time this weekend. Mitch shares his triathlon story and how he's approaching the next chapter in his career. You can follow Mitch here

Age Grouper of the Week: We look at some of the top age groupers from Ironman Texas. 


IMTalk Episode 614 - Dan Abel

News: Results from this week; Coming up races; The best of Ironman races; Lionel Sanders has lay down the challenge to Frodeno; Challenge introduces 'Tri-Slam'; John's ITU.

This Weeks Discussion: What do you like or dislike about group training sessions? Comment here


Interview: This week we have an interview with swimming coach Dan Abel. He covers the key swimming tips for long distance swimming. You can find Dan here:

Statstastic: We look at womens racing in 2018.

We also have Wanger of the Week and Questions and Answers.