IMTalk Episode 667 - Laura Siddall

News: Results from quite a few 70.3’s; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.

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Interview: We have Laura Siddall back on the show. She talks about her Ironman Australia win, her plans for this year and how she works through the tough times. You can follow Laura here.

Age Grouper of the Week: Terry Crowe sent through Tim Ballintine for this weeks Age Grouper. Tim smashed Port Macquarie 70.3, winning his age group and getting 2nd overall age grouper.

This Weeks Websites: Ultraman races around the world.

IMTalk Episode 666 - Is Frodo a triathlon legend?

News: Lots of 70.3 results; Double Slots for Oceania 70.3 races for 70.3 World Champs; Challenge Roth Live on TV; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.

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Discussion of the Week: Finish this sentence: ‘You know you are taking your bike training too seriously when…’ Comment here.

Age Grouper of the Week: We look at some of the top age groupers from Santa Rosa 70.3.

Deep Topic: We received an email questioning if Frodo is a real legend of the sport. We look into this question and give our opinion on this.

John’s Session of the Week: John shares some insights from a Half Ironman effort he did this week.

This Weeks Websites: Thorsten Kona qualifiers, The ‘Why I Try’ piece mentioned on the show.

IMTalk Episode 665


News: Results from ITU World Long Distance Champs and other results; St. George will hold the 2020 70.3 world champ; Ironman may be going back to Penticton; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.

Discussion of the Week: What stops you from getting a workout done and what are you doing to try and fix? Comment here.

This Weeks Photo: Here’s John looking sharp with his Infinit.

Age Grouper of the Week: Mel Saltiel sent through Mark Corlet for this weeks Age Grouper.

Coaches Corner: This week John goes over a key weekly cycling session. He also covers tech tips for racing.

This Weeks Websites: Ironman back to Penticton.

IMTalk Episode 664 - Hunter Allen on training and racing with power

News: Results from Ironman Texas and Challenge Taiwan; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.


This Weeks Discussion: What insurance is required in your country to race triathlon and what do you use when traveling? Comment here

Interview: Hunter Allen is back on the show to talk about the 3rd edition of his Training and Racing with a Power Meter book. In this interview we specifically focus on how triathletes should use power in their training and racing. You can follow Hunter here.

Website of the Week: Tim Hemming sent through this great app/website - Endurance Sports TV. Click here to check it out.

This Weeks Websites: Sika Henry’s post about her crash.

IMTalk Episode 663 - Macca on Superleague and the boys from Everyman Jack

News: We announce Camp Kia Kaha for Roth 2020; Coming up races; John’s ITU

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Interview: Ritch Viola and John Matson from Everyman Jack are on the show to talk the Everyman Jack team and the work they have been doing in trying to reduce the drafting at the Ironman World Championships. You can read the article about this here.

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Interview: Chris McCormack is back on the show to talk about Superleague, he shares how it got started, how things are progressing and where it’s heading to in the future.