IMTalk Episode 625 - Lucy Gossage

News: Results from ITU World Long Course Champs, Ironman UK, Cross Tri Champs, John's ITU update, Coming up races. 

This Weeks Discussion: What do you do to find your mongrel when you race, especially if you are going back to a race where you were mentally soft last time. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's a photo with the boys and Fraser Cartmell at the finish line in Roth. You can read Frasers race report here

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Interview: This week we get Lucy Gossage on the show to talk about her race day at Ironman UK. You can follow Lucy here. 

Age Grouper of the Week: We pick some age groupers from Ironman UK. 

High 5: This week we do a High 5 of random things we learnt from Challenge Roth. 

Website of the Week: This weeks website was sent in by Finn Zwager, it's 

This Weeks Websites: Tim Hemming's piece on 220 Triathlon

IMTalk Episode 624 - Erin Baker

News: Results from Ironman Frankfurt, ITU Duathlon Champs and Ironman Austria; Coming up races; Terenzo injured in hit and run; 2018 Ironman Hall of Fame; Tim Don is back racing; ITU update; Challenge Asia Pacific Championship; Ironman to cover races on Facebook Live. 

This Weeks Discussion: Scott Shumate send through this weeks discussion - If you could put together the best triathlon course in the world using existing courses what would it be (eg swim Challenge Wanaka, bike Ironman Austria, run Norseman). Comment here.

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Interview: This week we have Erin Baker on the show. Erin is one of the best triathletes of all time, winning world championships in all distances. We talk about her career and what life has taught her along the way.

Epic Camp Interviews: This week we have the last of the Roth Epic Camp interviews. 

Website of the Week: Finn Zwager sent through

This Weeks Websites:, We are triathletes film.