IMTalk Episode 644

News: Results from Bahrain 70.3, Challenge Daytona and a few 70.3’s; Thorsten has figured out how the pro slot allocation is being done; 70.3 World Record has been broken.


This Weeks Discussion: Give a pro a nickname? If we like your suggestions we’ll try to use them when we talk about the pro’s on the show. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Bevan’s team at the Escape room.

High 5: We have a High 5 on racing Ironman New Zealand.

Website of the Week: Bradley Carroll sent through a great youtube clip about cyclist who are weight obsessed. Click here to watch it.

Coaches Corner: ‘Coach’ John goes over what to do to get ready for a key session.

This Weeks Websites: Thorsten’s great piece on pro slots, Tongariro Crossing walk

IMTalk Episode 643

News: Results from Ironman Mar del Plata, Ironman WA; Kona qualifying; New 70.3 in India; Rant of the Week.

This Weeks Discussion: Would you take a randomly drawn lottery slot to Kona if you got one? Why or why not and let’s assume you don’t have the ability to qualify via being fast enough. Comment here.

This Weeks Photo: The Boys with Nick Rose in Kona.


Age Groupers of the Week: We have a look at the Kona Champs in the female 40+ categories.

Coaches Corner: The Coach goes over the positive and negative sides of using devices in training and racing.

This Weeks Website: Kona qualifiers

IMTalk Episode 642 - Bevan's Coaches Corner

News: Results from Ironman Arizona, Ironman Malaysia, Ironman Cozumel, Ultraman; Coming up races; Bozzone is back winning races.

This Weeks Discussion: Picture yourself being a pro athlete. When would you decide the time is right to retire? What would you do next? Comment here.

This Weeks Photo: Here’s John and Bevan at the top of Diamond Head in Hawaii.


Age Groupers of the Week: This week we look at the top age group males in the 18-39 age group at Hawaii this year.

Coaches Corner: Bevan takes you through how your identity can hold you back and how you can shift it so you improve as an athlete.

IMTalk Episode 641 - John Hellemans

News: Results, New race in the UK, Coming up races, John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: Suggestion time: Who would you like us to try and get on the show in the coming year and why? Comment here


Interview: This week we have legendary coach John Hellemans on the show. He has recently released his new book Never, Ever Give Up? He talks about the process of writing his book, shares some stories from his time in the sport, and his thoughts on how athletes have changed over the years.

To get his book use these links: Within NZ, Outside NZ, Amazon

Age Groupers of the Week: This week we look at some of the top age group females at Kona.

IMTalk Episode 640 - Bob Seebohar

News: Results from Challenge Sheparton; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: If you have been involved in triathlon for 10 years or more what have you done to keep it fresh and exciting each season? Comment here


Interview: This week we get Bob Seebohar back on the show. He’s just released a new cook book for plant based metabolic efficiency. Bob talks about how to transition to either a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. He also covers how to do this within the metabolic efficiency framework.

You can gets Bob’s book by clicking here. You can check out his Smart Cocoa drink here: