In this weeks show Bevan releases another one of his Fitness Behavior podcasts, here's the info on it: 

Last month I decided that I wanted to create a workbook for you to use as a reflection/growth tool. After putting some thought into it I thought I would choose a few of the topics I have covered in the past and then base the workbook on these. In this months show I break down the different areas that the workbook covers so you can buy the workbook and develop your own plan for growth in these areas.

Buy the workbook that goes with this show.

Click the 'buy now' button to get the workbook. The cost is $8 U.S. You'll go through a payment process and then the book will be downloaded. From there you can either print it off or work through it on your computer. 


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Here are the podcasts that the workbook topics are based on, click to listen: Reset Strategy, Where to Compare?, Time to Reset, The Process Challenge, Critical Moments, We are about to go deep, Where's the intensityPower to the people



IMTALK EPISODE 393 - Lance Dodes and Carol Dweck

This weeks show is a little different. As it's the end of the year and we want to keep our record of never missing a show since 2006 we have released a show that has content from Bevan's Fitness Behaviour Podcast. In this weeks show we have two great interviews.

Interview: Lance Dodes, M.D. is a world leading thinker on addiction. On this weeks show I have an interview with Lance. He shares a lot of insight into this topic. 

If you want to get his books just click on the pictures of them below. You can also check out his website here



Interview: Carol Dweak is a world leading Psychologist who has taught at Columbia, Harvard, and is currently teaching at Standford University in California. She develop the Mindset way of thinking that has been a huge influence in her field. In this week show we have an interview with Carol about Mindset. You can check out her website here:

Click here to get Mindset from Amazon: 




News: Not much this week, Docherty and Bozzone racing Auckland 70.3. 

This Weeks Discussion: As it's the end of the year we were wondering what was your personal triathlon highlight from 2013? Go on, tell us your proudest moment. Comment here.

This Weeks Photo: Frank McVeigh sent through this weeks fun photo. 

Interview: We have Paul Newsome from Swim Smooth on the show this week. He covers the topic of stroke rate when we are swimming. Make sure you check out his great website and resources:

Interview: We also have an interview with David Rowlands about a study on nutrition. 



IMTALK EPISODE 391 - Hillary Biscay

News: Results from IMWA and Hits Palm Springs, F... off Lance. 

This Weeks Discussion: Who do you think are the most influential people in triathlon (maximum of three names) and why? Give us your thoughts, this could be interesting. Comment here

Interview: This week we have Hillary Biscay on the show. She shares her Ultraman experience with us. Check out her website and her clothing line

Website of the Week: Jenny Welch sent through this weeks App. It's called Coach's Eye. It's a good tool for coaches to use to give feedback to their athletes. Check it out here:

This Weeks Websites: The gif mentioned on the show




News: Results from IM Cozumel and Ultraman, Crowie not done with IM, Lots of Challenge news, IMWA coming up, John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: What are the best sports biography's, not coaching books, that you can recommend? John is looking for endurance sport books but Bevan is happy with books from any sports. Comment here

Age Groupers of the Week: Rebecca 'Snow Ranger' Smith & Dale ' The Beast of Barcelona' Beach send through this weeks Age Groupers, Zouhair Zammouri, Mariona López and Biel Ferriol. These three amazing people have set up a social outreach project called Superaccio in Spain. They get at risk kids and get them involved in triathlon. Through their triathlon experience they are learning life skills they are helping them become better people. It's great work. If you want to support Superaccio you can donate here. Check out a photo of the kids supporting each other over the finish line. 

Website of the Week: A few of the listeners have created a site called On this site they did a twitter poll for tips for trying to get to Kona, they got all of the big names to answer this. You can check it out here. 

Geek Out Corner: Thorsten from sent through some info on how many points a pro needs to qualify for Kona under the current system. We have a talk about this on the show. 

This Weeks Websites: