IMTalk Episode 676 - Scottie T on Athletes Building Their Brand

News: Coming Up Races, John’s Epic Camp France Breakdown. 


Interview: This week we have an interview with Scottie T. Scottie works with pro athletes to help them develop their brand and how to work best on social media platforms. In this interview he shares some great insight into what creates success in this area. You can check out Scotties work here:

Epic Camp France Interviews: John has some interviews with the athletes from Epic Camp France.

Pro of the Week: We look at Jesper Svensson.

IMTalk Episode 675

News: Results from Ironman Vitoria; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: What your answer to the six why’s question? This is based on triathlon. (You’ll need to listen to the show to figure this one out) Comment here


Coaches Corner: John does a segment on why you don’t want to ditch your HRM.

Age Grouper of the Week: We look at the top age groupers at Ironman Germany.

This Weeks Website: Cody Beals’ post about earnings, Dave Dwan’s Big Island Adventures, Strava Cheats

IMTalk Episode 674

News: Results from Challenge Roth and Ironman Austria; Coming up races, What Sarah True says she’ll do next; John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: What pro’s do the best job of letting you into their world with Youtube, Facebook, and other social media and why do you think they are so good to follow. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: This weeks photo is of John and a few of the boys on Epic Camp Lite in Kona.


Epic Camp Interviews: We have a few more interviews from John’s Kona Epic Camp.

High 5: Tips on travelling.

Coaches Corner: John answers a question from Ian Blaiklock about how to use power meters when you have a TT and a road bike.

Website of the Week: Tim Tansley sent us through this site:

This Weeks Website: Ironman’s IPO filing.

IMTalk Episode 673 - Epic Camp Interviews

News: News from Ironman Germany and Ironman France plus some 70.3; Big announcements for Women for Tri; American Triple T wrap up; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: What are some of the best trade-offs you have made when racing, where you might lose time initially in the hope you don’t lose big time later on (eg last weekend we saw a pro athlete starting the run with an ice vest which was clearly going to be heavy but was going to keep him cooler). Comment here

John’s New Race: You can check out John’s new Half Iron Distance race, The Oxman, by clicking here.

Age Grouper of the Week: Mark Richardson Jones sent through Jeff Crosby for this weeks Age Grouper.

High 5: John does a High 5 on things to do in Kona.

Epic Camp Interviews: We have a few interviews from John’s Kona Epic Camp.

This Weeks Websites: 60 Ironman in a 60 days Facebook page

IMTalk Episode 672 - Thorsten Radd

News: Results from the races we missed when we were away; Brownlee racing Ironman Ireland; Coming up races; Pro who took on Ironman and won; Ironman Boulder full distance race ends this year.

This Weeks Discussion: What are your top tips for keeping your fitness up when you are traveling/on holiday and you don’t have your triathlon equipment? Comment here


Interview: Thorsten Radd is back on the show to talk about the new Kona qualifying system. We cover what will be different in Kona this year because of the new system. You can follow Thorsten here:

Website of the Week: Simon Miles sent through