News: Crowie to race IM Australia, IMWA sold out in four hours, ITU's TV stats, Chris McDonald is going in a new direction, Challenge Henley club deal, Bevan Docherty to race Lance Armstrong. 

Discussion of the Week: What do you want us to use for the best of the year shows over the holiday season? Comment here

Interview: We have part two of our interview with Brett Sutton. Check out the Team TBB website here

Workout of the Month: If you want one of the guys are Endurance Corner to go over one of your run workout go to our Facebook discussion and put it in there. 

This Weeks Websites: Bevan's interview on The Power Up podcast, The new episode of Fitness Behavior, Challenge Henley Deal, Albert's Kona Youtube clip



IMTalk Episode 240 - Brett Sutton Part 1

News: Taupo result, Ironman on NBC this Saturday in US, Abu Dhabi getting bigger, Paratri for Rio, Bella and Steven leave Team TBB. 

Discussion of the Week: This weeks discussion was sent through from Matt and Bea: Should there be mandatory slow downs on dangerous descents? Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Tim Tansley sent through Coach Steve Casson for being a top block and doing so much for his triathlon community. Check out Steves website 

Interview: Fegan sorted out an interview with Brett Sutton. It's quite a long interview so we're releasing it over two weeks. Check out Team TBB's website here

This Weeks Websites: John Du Pont,, Ironband Blazeman Song on itunes, Info on Blazeman




IMTALK EPISODE 239 - Power Cookie Girl Em on Weight Loss

News: Results for IMWA and Asia Pacific 70.3 Champs, Challenge and Rev3 adding more races, Kona on NBC on the 18th Dec, Payment problems for IM Canada. 

Discussion of the Week: Adrian De Klerk had a question around the expectations of the pro athletes. So this weeks questions is: Is it a pros job to be there for the fans? What should be the expectations of a pro? Comment here

Interview: Em is back on the show covering how important losing weight is for performance and how to lose weight. Check out her website here

This Weeks Website: Canada Payment.



IMTALK EPISODE 237 - Kids Triathlon

News: Results for Ultraman and IM Cozumel, Coming up races, Ben 'The Running Man' Schorr feedback on IM Arizona, TriGrandPrix races for 2011, Mirinda Carfree might be racing IMNZ. 

Discussion of the Week: Who are some educational people that you think we could get on the show? Comment here

Coach's Corner: John covers what the tri club is doing with their Kids Tri Program. This piece gives some great insight into how to create good environments where kids can learn and grow. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Scott Barber sent through this weeks Age Grouper: Graham Cooper. Scott meet Graham on the way to St George and was impressed with him. When he did a search on him it turned out he was a pretty good athlete. John did some research and found these links: AthlinksIronmitchblog article about him

Websites of the Week: Rory Spicer sent through these websites: and Stefaan Engals who is on a mission to complete 365 marathons in a year

This Weeks Websites: Scott Tinley's youtube commentCNN survey about which sports to report more