IMTALK EPISODE 290 - Best of the Year 2011

This weeks show is the best of the year where we cover the best parts of 2011 in the Ironman world. We must say a big thanks to Thorsten from Check out his great website for more details about everything we talked about on the show. 

This Weeks Discussion: We didn't talk about this on the show but we are taking two weeks off over the holiday break. In that time we'll put out the two best interviews from this year. So we want to know from you guys which interviews you want us to use in these shows? The most voted for ones will be used. Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: The Fonginator sent through this weeks age grouper: Rhona Maclean. Rhona is a quiet achiever who has kept improving over the years and has consistantly delivered great results. Plus Bel informs us that she's a great chick. 

Thanks to everyone for your amazing support in 2011! We look forward to taking everything to the next level in 2012. Thanks for being a part of the IMTalk community. 





IMTALK EPISODE 289 - Marilyn McDonald from Endurance Corner

News: Change in slots at IM Germany, Results from Taupo HIM, Chrissie and the sports awards. 

This Weeks Discussion: Next week is our end of the year show, it's going to be life changing ;-) For this weeks discussion we want to know one highlight from your triathlon life this year and the performance from a pro you liked the most. Comment here.  

This Weeks Photo: Porno looking sharp with his Mo in Movember. 

Interview: We have Marilyn McDonald from Endurance Corner covering how to be effective with indoor training. Check out the latest camps that the team at Endurance Corner here

John's History Lesson: This week John talks through the 1994 Ironman World Champs. 

Website of the Week: Here's a cool webpage that has 25 highlights from the Ironman world champs. Check it out here. 

This Weeks Websites: Mark Kleanthous IM tattoos, Jordan Rapps tops. 



IMTALK EPISODE 288 - Steve Nicholls from Blue Seventy

News: Result from IMWA and Asia 70.3 champs, IM Korea cancelled, New race in Singapore, Ironman World Champs TV Trailer

This Weeks Discussion: Last week we released the first Legends of Triathlon show which you can get at We need an intro and an outro for the show, like 'iron rust, ironmen don't, train hard, train smart, kia kaha' on IMTalk. This week we want you guys to come up with the new intro and outro for Legends of Triathlon. Comment here

Interview: This week we have an interview with Steve Nicholls from Blue Seventy about wetsuits. 


Website of the Week: David Hannaford send through a fundraising challenge that the guys at the New Forest events did. They did all of their events over a seven day period. Check it out here. 



Legends of Triathlon Promo

Our New Show is out!

Today we release our new podcast, Legends of Triathlon. This is a monthly podcast where we get legends of the sport and have an indepth interview with them. Here's a quick talk that John and Bevan do telling you about Legends of Triathlon. Click here to listen. 

In our first show we have an 90min interview with Spencer Smith. Do us a favor and tell your world about the show. Check out the shows website:

The best way to get the show is on itunes. Click here for the link.