IMTalk Episode 585 - Mirinda Carfrae & Daniel Clarke

News: We have a look at the top ten from Kona 2016. 

This Weeks Discussion: It's Kona picks time. This week we want you to give us your top 5 for both the male and female fields at the Ironman World Champs, we also want you to give us your 33rd pick (for the pros). Comment here


Interview: Mirinda Carfrae comes on the show to talk about her last year. In this time she as become a mother. She shares some amazing insight into how to deal with this special time in your life. She also talks about what she'll be doing as she heads back into pro racing. You can check out  Mirinda's website here:


Interview: Daniel Clarke, who runs, is an up and coming pro athlete. This week he comes on the show to talk about the transition from being a total beginner in the sport, to being an age group winner, to then go pro. He shares insights, and some tips, into progressing in the sport. You can check Daniel out here:

IMTalk Episode 584 - Steve Kirby & Wayne Kurtz

News: Superleague results; Results from Ironman Italy, Challenge Mardrid and Ironman Chatanooga; Chrissie Wellington to be inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame; Coming up races; Another race cancelled in China; Is there still $1,000,000 for the triple crown. 

This Weeks Discussion: We are getting close to Kona so this week we want to know what you are looking most forward to seeing at Kona this year? Comment here


Interview: This week we have an interview with Steve Kirby & Wayne Kurtz on Deca racing. They have so much experience in this field, on both the racing and organisation side of the sport. If you want to hear about the next level of endurance racing you will love this interview. You can check out their websites here:,

Websites of the Week: This week we have two websites, sent in from Matthew 'Overload' Crehan and Sean 'Dig It' Dooley. They are, a way to create a video of your training, and, Phil Keoghan's amazing Tour De France documentary. 

Statstastic: We look at the number of Ironman pros there are in both the male and female field. 

IMTalk Episode 583 - Braden Currie

News: ITU worlds results; Other results; ITU Hall of Fame; 70.3 Chongqing postponed; Coming up races. 

This Weeks Discussion: Nutrition is a big part of racing and one of the most important meals for a race is your breakfast. So for this weeks discussion we want to know what is your race day breakfast and why you have it? Comment here


Interview: This week we have Braden Currie on the show. He talks about life away from the family, his racing this year, and his goals for the Ironman World Championships. You can follow Braden by going to his website:

Age Grouper of the Week: We look at the ITU worlds and name some of the age group champs. 

Statstastic: This week we look at how many athletes were able to compete on the ITU circuit. 

This Weeks Websites: ITU Hall of Fame; Superleague