IMTalk Episode 684 - Tim O'Donnell

News: Results from Challenge Aldmere and Ironman Wales; Coming up races; Zofingen Duathlon World Distance Champs.

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Interview: This week we have Tim O’Donnell on the show. We talk about last years Kona, what’s been happening this year, using UCAN, and family life as a pro athlete. You can follow Tim here:

This Weeks Discussion: Greg Land sent through this weeks discussion. What would be your three times for an Ironman under the following three scenarios on the same course and same day?

1) “Normal” Ironman rules

2) A true SOLO event....... nobody else racing on the course (ZERO chance of drafting)

3) Having a FULL drafting event...... you can choose anyone or as many people as you want to work for you, but they obviously can’t “pull” you

Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Paul Moore is this weeks age grouper for getting his Kona slot after 10 years in the sport.

IMTalk Episode 683

News: Results from 70.3 world champs, Ironman Wisconsin and some 70.3’s; Lauren Goss banned for using CBD ointment; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: Question 1: Is 5 minutes too much for a drafting penalty at a half ironman / 70.3? Question 2: Would you rather see a run penalty than a stand down? For example instead of a 5 minute penalty in a tent at an iron distance race you have a 1 minute penalty at the tent, then you must run a 1km penalty lap on the run. Comment here

Website of the Week: Tim Heming sent the YouTube clip of the men’s Olympic triathlon in Beijing through, check it out.

Epic Camp Interviews: We have the last of our Epic Camp France interviews.

This Weeks Websites: Lauren Goss ban comment.

IMTalk Episode 682 - Meredith Dolhare

News: ITU world champs results; ITU Hall of Fame; 70.3 World Champs are coming up; Coming up races.

This Weeks Discussion: What are the biggest ‘what if’s’ in triathlon. For example what would have happened to triathlon if Julie Moss didn’t have the amazing finish in the first televised Ironman. Come up with your ‘what if’s. Comment here


Interview: This week we have an interview with Meredith Dolhare. Meredith has overcome some of life's biggest challenges and has used endurance sport to achieve a lot for herself and her world. She shares her journey on the show. You can follow Merediths work here:

Statstastic: We look at all of the records for more than one Ironman, like the double Ironman.

This Weeks Websites: 70.3 Worlds field.

IMTalk Episode 681 - Craig Kirkwood

News: Lots of 70.3 results; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: If you are a long course athlete do you race short course tri’s regularly? Why or why not and what influences your decision to race? Comment here


Interview: This week we have Triathlon Coach Craig Kirkwood on the show. Craig coaches a lot of NZ’s up and coming athletes, including Hayden Wilde. We talk about Hayden’s development and how to transition from being a top runner to being a triathlete. You can check out Craig here:

Statstastic: Peter Coluson sent through the amazing stats around Petr Vabrousek’s career.

High 5: We do a High 5 on how to run your own mini Epic Camp.

This Weeks Websites:

IMTalk Episode 680 - Matthew Back


News: Results from the ITU Olympic test event; Results from lots of races; The new inductees to the Ironman Hall of Fame; Coming up races.

This Weeks Discussion: What rules would you like to see introduced to triathlon and what rules should be scrapped? Comment here


Interview: This week we have an interview with Ironman Winner Mattthew Back. He talks about his triathlon career and the work he is doing with UCAN. Get UCAN here: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

Epic Camp Interviews: We have the last of the Epic Camp France Interviews.

This Weeks Websites: