IMTALK EPISODE 234 - Heleen Bij De Vaate

NEWS: Our response to the Ironman Access Program, Triple T and Ibiza long distance results, Silverman and IM Florida are coming up, Steffen and Jacobs do well at Noosa, Arizona field stacked.

Discussion of the Week: 'Daddy Death' Pete Tinholt sent through this week question. What is the best system to reward athletes who have completed a lot of Ironman races but have not been to Kona? Comment here

Interview: John has an interview with top 10 Kona finisher Heleen Bij De Vaate. Check out her website

Coach's Corner: John talks through his race at the Auckland Marathon. 

Links from the show: Lava Mag, 'Cool Hand' Chance Barber sent through this great running article,  Shawn Burke sent through these meditation websites: Short Naps, Longer Meditation. The clip about Ironman Access program.