News: Lance is coming to NZ, Results for IM Arizona, Beach to Battleship and South Island Half IM, 2011 ITU Long Distance location announced, remember to order your jersey. 

This Weeks Discussion: The Wise One James Bowtell sent through this weeks question: If you are trying to get your spouse/significant other participating in the sport or your training, what are the best tips for doing this? Comment here

Interview: We interview Annette Lee about the Epic Camp DVD 'Going Hard, Going Long'. You can get the DVD here: 

Age Grouper of the Week: Scott Richdale sent through Liam Dolan for Age Grouper of the Week. After swimming a 1:25 in the swim at Kona he passed 1385 people in the bike and run to finish in a time of 9:31! What an amazing performance. 

High 5: Andy Brind-Surch sent through this weeks High 5: 'the real reason endurance do things'

  1. Carbo loading- excuse to eat lots of food.
  2. Taper/off season- reason to lazy.  
  3. Shave their legs- so they look better.
  4. Getting down to race weight-.
  5. Train crazy amounts.

This Weeks Websites: Tom Williams, from Marathon Talk, Winter Swim, Great YouTube clip from Chance Barber, Jules Gorham new triathlon blog, ITU Champs Location, Trijuice article