News: 70.3 expands to Ireland, Ed Hawkins reports on how tough Ironman China was. 

Discussion of the Week: What should we add to the show. 

High 5: How to survive when you've stopped racing Ironman sent in by Rob Hoult. 1. Keep connected through listening to IMTalk. 2. Keep racing - at whatever distance you can fit in. 3. Enjoy all the things that you wished you had time for, but couldn't fit in. 4. Put something back into triathlon. 5. Don't be shy to wear your Ironman finishers shirt. 6. Have at least one IMTalk piece of clothing. 7. When all else fails, listen to your favorite IMTalk episodes. 8. Support your sports sponsors. 

Website of the Week: James Bowtell sent through this weeks website, here's what he said. Here is a website that will appeal to those looking to do some bike touring, because, its a website about bike touring... one of those "it does exactly what it says on the tin" things. 

Coaches Corner: Dealing with disappointing races. 

Questions and Answers: We have questions from Christian Isakson, Craig Miskin, Drew Ziegler and a joke from Colin Chambers. We cover how to space halves before doing an Ironman. 

This Weeks Websites: