News: Results for Ford IM Cozumel and Ultraman, SunSmart IM Western Austrlia and Asia Pacific 70.3 Champs is coming up this weekend, WTC introduce new race policy rules.

This Weeks Discussion: The week before Christmas we are having our first Annual IMTalk Yearly Wrap Up Show. Thorsten 'The Geek' wonders if you guys have any questions around the stats of the year for him to do some work on? What statistical insights do you want know about for the 2011 IM season? Comment here 

Interview: The week we have an interview with WTC's CEO Andrew Messick where he announces exclusive news. Plus he answers some questions around some resent topics. 

This Weeks Photo: Christopher Price has one of the best Des & Troy photos of all time. He's added the Hulkamania feel to it. You rock Chris! 

Website of the Week: John found this great site,, which has a free open source video analysis program for sports movement. We've heard that it works really well. Check it out here:

This Weeks Websites: Rob sent through