News: ITU World Champ and IM Florida results and The IMTalk Kona Lottery

This Weeks Discussion: Now that WTC have officially announced the new lottery system what do you guys and girls think about it. If you don't like it what would you do differently. Comment here. Remember that you can get video of 'A Very Dark Place' at

This Weeks Photo: Iron Ron Zappendorf's family completed a triathlon day together. Here's a photo of the kids with there supporters signs. 

Age grouper of the week: JM Storton sent through Erin Holmes for this weeks age grouper. Erin managed to win her age group at IM Canada and qualify for Kona. As well as doing this she managed to be the first swimmer, including the pros, out of the water. She went on to have a great Kona race as well. 

Website of the week: James 'The Wiseone' Bowtell send through this weeks websites. They are all about all about aero positions. Check out them here: Site 1, Site 2, Site 3, Site 4