IMTALK EPISODE 289 - Marilyn McDonald from Endurance Corner

News: Change in slots at IM Germany, Results from Taupo HIM, Chrissie and the sports awards. 

This Weeks Discussion: Next week is our end of the year show, it's going to be life changing ;-) For this weeks discussion we want to know one highlight from your triathlon life this year and the performance from a pro you liked the most. Comment here.  

This Weeks Photo: Porno looking sharp with his Mo in Movember. 

Interview: We have Marilyn McDonald from Endurance Corner covering how to be effective with indoor training. Check out the latest camps that the team at Endurance Corner here

John's History Lesson: This week John talks through the 1994 Ironman World Champs. 

Website of the Week: Here's a cool webpage that has 25 highlights from the Ironman world champs. Check it out here. 

This Weeks Websites: Mark Kleanthous IM tattoos, Jordan Rapps tops.