News: Macca is not doing Kona as he's aiming for the Olympics, strong pro field for Abu Dhabi, lottery closes next week, results for New Plymouth HIM and Rev 3 Costa Rica. 

This Weeks Discussion: What drives the competitiveness out of kids and what can we do to maintain it? Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Debi Hazelden sent through Helen Williams for Age Grouper of the Week. After having a baby she trained through tough conditions to have a great race in Challenge Copenhagen. 

High 5: This repeat High 5 was sent through from Nick from Sydney. It's on making your partner not hate Ironman. 

Website of the Week: Mark Yale sent through for website of the week. He's what he said about it: I was introduced to it when i was a member of the british sailing team when i stopped sailing so competitively i have used to help write a training programme for bike racing and have found it very useful and it has helped me complete a lot of my A level Coursework.

This Weeks Websites: Macca for Olympics, Abu Dhabi pro field

Dave Pike's TV ad: He's the guy in the red shirt.