News: IMNZ results, Florida Double results, John announced the IMTalk Christchurch auction. 

The IMTalk Christchurch Earthquake Auction: Here is a list of what we will be auctioning. 

1. Chrissie Wellington Record Breaking Shoes

2. Craig Alexander race suit along with a #1 Race number (bike) from the 2010 World Championships

3. Yvonne Van Vlerken Package

1 x “White Skinfit-Tri Suit exclusively made for Yvonne” in which she won Ironman Cozumel last year)

1 x “Rudy Project Wingspan TT-Helmet”

1 x “Rudy Project Noyz Racing Pro- Yvonne van Vlerken Limited Edition” (see Promo attached)

4. Bevan Docherty Jacket

5. Sam Warriner Helmet, Andrea Hewitt race togs, Gina Crawford race kit.

6. Rachel Joyce – abu Dhabi race bike kit

7. Entries into:

Every challenge Race

Hood to Coast Relay - 30th Anniversary

Monster Middle Distance Triathlon 

Vineman 70.3

8. IM Talk Packages

IMTalk Bike Jersey from

Blue Seventy Axis Wetsuit

Newton Running shoes

Coffees of Hawaii prize pack

DVD Documentary “Going Long, Going Hard” which follows the 2010 Epic Camp Length of

Salt Stick Xlab or O2 Creations

Discussion of the Week: John had a question asking if triathlon is a family or is the family thing only for Ironman? If you can figure his question out you can comment here

Interview: Troy from Athlinks talks to us about the Hood to Coast Relay. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Ali Dennis sent through Nick Ruane sent through this weeks age grouper. Nick didn't make the cut off for the swim at IMNZ last year but after working hard with Ali for the last twelve months he managed to complete the swim last weekend in 2:11. He then went on to finish the race 14:28:59. 

Website of the Week: Thorsten Radde has created It's a great site that creates a rating system based on the different courses and the results athletes have gotten in the past.