News: Our first Kona build up, Results from Challenge Henley and Esprit Triathlon, John's ITU update, Robot doing IM Kona course, Alexander rides non sponsored bike. 

This weeks discussion: In the last twelve months what have been the best thing that a race organiser has done to make your race great? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Mountain Snails son Callum ripping it up in a running race. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Tom Babbington sent through this weeks age grouper, Andy Brodziak. While aiming to get to Kona this year Andy unfortunately experienced the loss of his Mum. This pulled him away from his training but he devoted IMUK to his Mum and managed to get a Kona slot. Well done Andy.

Website of the Week: Christopher Sproule is involved with The Half Full Tri. It's a triathlon that raises money that goes to helps kids with cancer. It's a great cause, check out the site here: 

This Weeks Websites: James Moons blog, Epic Swim in Taupo, Iron Maori, Scott Rigsby Foundation and Ed Wallace's fundraising page.