IMTalK EPISODE 314 - Epic Camp Lite Kona

News: Results from IM Cairns and Kona 70.3, Macca's not going to the Olympics.

This Weeks Discussion: Colin 'The Convict' Bialkoski sent through this weeks discussion. A co-worker of his completed a marathon a while ago but they walked during it. Colin feels that it's great that his co-worker completed the distance but they hadn't ran a marathon so it's not the same. He wonders if it's the same thing for 70.3s and IM's. Colin put it this way: 'So basically the point is, from a moral point of view, if you can't run the whole distance from start to finish, should it really count?' Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: 1:11 Half Marathoner Richard Swan sent through this weeks Age Grouper, Clyde (Roz) Rosanowski. Roz is a former high level runner who converted to Tri's a few years ago and since doing that he hadn't really had a result that he was happy with. This all changed when he race IM Melbourne where he did a 66m swim, a 5:04 bike and a 3:16 run to come in on a time of 9:35. That's a great result. 

Epic Camp Lite Interviews: John has some interviews with the athletes at Epic Camp.