IMTalK EPISODE 320 - Joe Friel

News: IM Switz results, IM UK and Lake Placid coming up, Kona Pro Qualifying first cut off is coming, 70.3 Asia Pacific Champs in Auckland, John's ITU date. 

This Weeks Discussion: We forgot to tell you guys the discussion of the week on the show this week but here it is anyway. Adam Titley thought he would only do one IM but after completing his first one a local tri legend, Julia from the Berkshire Tri Squad, said 'You'll do another one', which he did. So his question is: What made you do your second Iron Distance race and how long was it after your first? Comment here

Interview: This week we have Joe Friel on the show to cover Efficiency Factor and Decoupling. These are great messurements to help you be more effective as IM athletes. Remember that you can get all this info on Training Peaks. Check out his website here

This Weeks Photo: Paul Hellings raced IM Austria and he looked really cool in his IMTalk Tri Suit. 

High 5: Here's the link to the High 5 for this week

This Weeks Websites: Epic Camp, Pro Bike Fit in Brisbane.