News: Results from IM South Africa & Hits Nappa Valley, Norden takes our 70.3, Strongman is coming up, Who's leading the age group and pro rankings, John's ITU. 

This Weeks Discussion: Bree Witteveen sent through this weeks discussion: A lot of folks seem to be jumping on the triathlon coach bang wagon these days and calling themselves coaches after taking just one weekend class. What does it take to become a legitimate and/or GOOD triathlon coach? Do you have to be fast or just be passionate and knowledgeable about the sport? What makes a good coach and what do you look for? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: John looking sharp in his IMTalk tri suit at the Auckland race. 

Age Grouper of the Week: The guys at the Sports Science Crew kicked butt at IMNZ. Rob Creasey and Daniel Plews were the 2nd and 3rd overall and Paul Laursen nailed the sub 10. These guys definitely do what they preach. 

Website of the Week: Tom Ballard sent through for this weeks website. It's a great website that covers everything triathlon. They have blogs from top athletes, gear reviews, race reports, training articles and more. 

Coaches Corner: Jeff Curry sent through a question about how to get faster. So John gives some tips on how to increase your speed.