IMTALK EPISODE 370 - Dr Douglas Scott

News: Results from IM Germany, Roth and The Outlaw, Kona qualifying changes slightly, ITU update. 

This Weeks Photo: Roger Lawton-Spence sent through this weeks photo of Alistair Motion at the Outlaw Tri. He's looking cool in him IMTalk kit! 


This Weeks Discussion: Kurt Taylor sent through this weeks discussion, he asked: What do you think the possibility of Ironman creating a series at a modified distance (between 51.50 and 70.3) that would get the pros to race each other multiple times a year on courses around the world.  As it is now, you will only see Crowie, The Raelerts, Macca, Jacobs etc... going head  to head at Kona.  The same is happening with the girls.  If the top 10 boys and girls were racing each other 6-7 times leading up to Kona, you could sell a TV package since the races are going to be just a couple of hours.  You could have a points system, and overall championship, or even make it a full series of different distance and include the regional championships as part of the series. Let us know your thoughs on this idea. Comment here

Website of the Week: If you are looking for a cool personalized sticker for your bike check out this site: 

Interview: This week we have an interview with Dr Douglas Scott. He's a heart doctor and an Ironman. He gives us his views on all the talk around heart problems in endurance sport. 

Websites of the Week: Endurance Junkie for cool gear