News: Pete Jacobs is doing Roth; Lots of 70.3 results; Lots of results coming up.

This Weeks Discussion: How does fast/junk food sponsorship of triathlon sit with you? e.g. If KFC offered to sponsor you would you take it if you were a struggling pro or event promoter. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: David Hughes gave his fame moment when he was in Melbourne. Here's the photo that Bevan took. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Frank McVeigh sent through Bob Davison for this weeks AGOTW. Not only has Bob done all types of crazy races he is also a big event director Ireland. Bob is one of the good guys of the sport. 

What happened to...? We do an update on what happened with Leanda Cave with the Welsh Commonwealth Games Triathlon team. Make sure you check out Tim's piece in this months 220 Triathlon mag on it. Here's Leanda's site here

Coaches Corner: Sportie Doc Tamis Lewis sent us through some info about the nutrition conversation we have had lately. Here's the article she recommended