News: Robbo may get to Kona; Up coming races; WTC finances; Andrew Messick's latest interview. 

This Weeks Discussion: John wanted to know if you are someone who doesn't use sports nutrition when you are racing, what do you use? We are hoping that you are staying away from a Big Mac in transition. Comment here

This Weeks Video: After our bear discussion we thought we would put up a bear clip. Check this out.

Age Grouper of the Week: Jo Baxas sent through Adrian O'Brien as this weeks age grouper. Adrian won a free entry to IMUK three days before the race and he decided to do it. He managed to finish the race in a time of 13:23. Well done Adrian. 

Coaches Corner: John does an overview of what they will be doing at Epic Camp. 

Fitness Behavior: This week we have one of Bevan's fitness behavior podcasts in the show. 

This Weeks Website: Andrew Messick's interview; WTC finances