IMTALK EPISODE 463 - Fredrik Croneborg

News: Results for Ultraman Oz and some 70.3's; Coming up races; Challenge take away prize money at some races; The Bahrain Endurance 13 team; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: We are looking for two answers this week. What do you love most about professionally run events where you significant entry fees? Also what annoys you the most? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's the haircut that Bevan gave to a friends kid a couple weeks ago. 

Statstatic: The fastest Son and Dad marathon time got beaten at the London Marathon. This got us thinking, what is the fastest Son and Dad or Daughter and Mum Ironman is? 

Interview: This week we have Fredrik Croneborg on the show. He shares why he has been successful and how he makes it work being a pro athlete. Click here to check out his website: 

History Lesson: Aron sent through a detailed history of Nice. It covers why the race was so good and why it's lost it's place in the triathlon world. Check out this youtube clip.


This Weeks Websites: Giving page for Greatest IronMan.