IMTalk Episode 594 - Ultraman World Champ Rob Gray

News: Results and news from Ironman Western Australia and Ironman Argentina; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: Last week we talked about the best thing you bought this year, this week we want to know what is the worst tri presents you have received in the past. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: It's Murray 'The Holly Hammer' Lapworth with a banana down his pants. 

Statstastic: Thorsten 'The Geek' from has helped us out with our top Ironman performances based on different countries. Today we look at U.S.A and Germany. 

Interview: This week we get the Ultraman World Champion Rob Gray on the show. He talks us through his race and gives some tips on how to be successful in this crazy event. You can check out Rob's website here:

This Weeks Websites: Link to Jenny Robinson's movement study


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