IMTalk Episode 559 - Chad Holderbaum and The Mountain Snail

News: Ironman South Africa is coming up; Collins Cup News; Knives are out for Super League not having females; Rinny is pregnant; positive test for ITU athletes. 

This Weeks Discussion: Peter Cousin sent through this weeks question: Is this comment correct with regards to Olympic distance v’s IM. It’s OK to be slow at 70.3 & ironman but not so much at olympic distance for age groupers? Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's Matthew Berg and The Mountain Snail before the start of the Breca. 

Interview: This week we have an interview with Chad Holderbaum. We talk about his transition from being a top age grouper to becoming a pro and The Run Across Haiti. You can check out Chads work here at and the fundraising site he talked about

Interview: John 'The Mountain Snail' Hancock did the Breca Wanaka last weekend, so get him on the show to talk through the event. You can check out The Mountain Snail's race report by clicking here.