IMTalk Episode 585 - Mirinda Carfrae & Daniel Clarke

News: We have a look at the top ten from Kona 2016. 

This Weeks Discussion: It's Kona picks time. This week we want you to give us your top 5 for both the male and female fields at the Ironman World Champs, we also want you to give us your 33rd pick (for the pros). Comment here


Interview: Mirinda Carfrae comes on the show to talk about her last year. In this time she as become a mother. She shares some amazing insight into how to deal with this special time in your life. She also talks about what she'll be doing as she heads back into pro racing. You can check out  Mirinda's website here:


Interview: Daniel Clarke, who runs, is an up and coming pro athlete. This week he comes on the show to talk about the transition from being a total beginner in the sport, to being an age group winner, to then go pro. He shares insights, and some tips, into progressing in the sport. You can check Daniel out here: