IMTalk Episode 601 - Keith Rieger

News: Collins Cup has moved to 2019; Challenge Roth increases prize money; Results from Tauranga Half; Coming up races; First races under new qualifying system announced; What the hell is going on. 


This Weeks Discussion: This week we have a simple statement that we want you to finish (in a triathlon related way but it can cover any area). Here we go: Whatever happened to... Comment here

This Weeks Photo: This week we have a photo of Rob Lines looking cool in his pink IMTalk top.

Age Grouper of the Week: Andrew 'Mystery Man' Weston sent through this weeks age grouper, his wife Julie Pearson. Julie had to work extremely hard to complete her Ironman under the cutoff time, which she managed to do.  


Interview: This week we have an interview with Keith Rieger. Keith completed Kona Five and wrote the book 'Kona Five - Taking on life's challenges and Kona's toughest Ultra-Triathlon'. 

This Weeks Websites: Kevin Moats positive test; ITU athlete under investigation; Fast marathon from Tyler Butterfield