IMTalk Episode 622 - Teresa Adam

News: Results from The Lakesman and Celtman; Ironman France is coming up.

This Weeks Discussion: Imagine this situation. You had completed a race and after the race you are standing next to someone who you saw cheating out there on the course. This weeks question is: What would you do? Comment here


Interview: Teresa Adam has came out of nowhere this year and has had two very successful races, getting 2nd at Ironman New Zealand and then winning Ironman Cairns. This week we get Teresa on the show to talk about her career, what has got her to the place she is in right now, and what her future plans are. You can follow Teresa here

Age Groupers of the Week: Richard Parnell sent through Roger "The General" Canham , Karl "The eye candy" Mamos, Dylan "The Apprentice" Bogg and Robin "The Fossil" Brookes. These guys are doing the RAAM and are aiming to fundraise $100,000. You can follow them here