IMTalk Episode 674

News: Results from Challenge Roth and Ironman Austria; Coming up races, What Sarah True says she’ll do next; John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: What pro’s do the best job of letting you into their world with Youtube, Facebook, and other social media and why do you think they are so good to follow. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: This weeks photo is of John and a few of the boys on Epic Camp Lite in Kona.


Epic Camp Interviews: We have a few more interviews from John’s Kona Epic Camp.

High 5: Tips on travelling.

Coaches Corner: John answers a question from Ian Blaiklock about how to use power meters when you have a TT and a road bike.

Website of the Week: Tim Tansley sent us through this site:

This Weeks Website: Ironman’s IPO filing.