IMTalk Episode 686 - Brent Chan

News: Wanda’s IPO; PTO buying Ironman; Results from Ironman Chattanooga, Ironman Maryland, Ironman Taiwan and some 70.3’s; Coming up races; John’s ITU Update.

This Weeks Photo: Here’s a picture of John’s Cube bike, which he talks about in his Coaches Corner discussion.


This Weeks Discussion: What would be the best case scenario from a viewer perspective when it comes to watching Ironman Hawaii unfold - in terms of how the elite race could pan out? Comment here.

Interview: This week we have an interview with Brent Chan to talk about drafting and technical officiating at Ironman races.

Coaches Corner: John breaks down his Cube TT bike and what he uses to create the fastest machine as possible.

This Weeks Websites: PTO buying Ironman, Cam Wurf’s blog, Kona data points.