IMTALK EPISODE 184 - Bryan Rhodes

News: Rev3 offering even more money. Announcements: 70.3 Asia Champs revealed. 2011 ITU Long Course worlds to Henderson, Nevada

This Weeks Discussion: James Bowtell For those that raise money while training or racing; the listeners best tips for fundraising? Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Adam Himes nominated Jan Guenther.

High 5: Maureen 'Ironmoe' Gibbons  sent in this weeks High 5.

Interview: Multiple Ironman Champ Bryan Rhodes.

Website of the Week:  From James Bowtell. Ironman qualifying times for Kona 2009 for age groups, with splits (North American races only): Click here.  

Questions and Answers: Question from David S Sobel 




IMTALK EPISODE 183 - Rachel Joyce

News: World Triathlon Corporation Announces Professional Membership Program, Abu Dhabi Tri announced.  

This Weeks Discussion: Should the US Navy be a sponsor of Kona? Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Alan Hawse nominated Jamie Sinclair. 

Interview: Rachel Joyce,

Website of the Week: Peter Hagen submitted Triscoop

Questions and Answers: Question from Thorsten Radde. 

This Weeks Websites: From Annette Lee, Click here




IMTALK EPISODE 182 - Richard Kingsford Special

News: ITU athlete Steffen Justus, (GER) runs 2hr18 marathon 

Discussion of the Week: Best exercise holiday locations in the world and why? Comment here 

Age Grouper of the Week: Steve O’Neill.  

High 5: Commuting in big cities.

Website of the Week:

Questions and Answers: Questions/comments from Andrew Kerr, John Fahy, Paul Mullally.

This Weeks Websites: Looks like there will be a new Challenge race, I saw info hereAldmere Triathlon to Ironman?




News: Challenge has not been brought by WTC, no longer exits, Kona Post race – our thoughts.

Age Grouper of the Week: First male/female finishers in Kona. Christian Mueller 09:01:32, Kathleen Calkins    09:46:26, Nemo Brauch nominated Matt Ancona from Roselle, Illinois.

Interview: With Ironman original – Bob Knoll

Website of the Week: Bradley Carroll sent in Sufferfest