IMTalk Episode 657 - Dr Craig Harrison on youth development

News: Results from Bariloche 70.3; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: What non training related changes are you making this year to get you to the finish line quicker? Comment here


Interview: This week we have any interview with Dr Craig Harrison on youth development. You can listen to Craigs podcast, The Athlete Development Show, by clicking here.

Age Groupers of the Week: This weeks age grouper is Beni Gras-Thompson, who won her age group at Ironman New Zealand. You can read the article about her here.

High 5: We do a High 5 on having 70.3’s at Ironman races.

This Weeks Websites: The Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon.

IMTalk Episode 656 - Mike Phillips, Barrie Shepley and Bob Knuckey

News: Results from Ironman New Zealand and Oman 70.3; Ryfs race schedule for 2019; John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: Count up all your ironman finishes.  What ratio of your finishes have been awesome, above average, average, below average, terrible (eg 10% awesome, 10% above average, 10% average, 40% below average, 30% terrible). Comment here.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 7.29.03 AM.png

Interview: This week we have an interview the Ironman New Zealand winner Mike Phillips. He talks us through is race day and what he is up to for the rest of the year. You can follow Mike here.


Interview: We have an interviews with Barrie Shepley and Bob Knuckey. Bob is the first 70+ athlete to go under 12 hours at Kona. In the interviews go through what both Barrie and Bob did to achieve this amazing challenge.

This Weeks Websites: Tim Hemmings 220 Triathlon Piece.

IMTalk Episode 655 - Ella Harris

News: Superleague update; Results from Ultraman Florida; Ironman New Zealand is coming up; John’s ITU.

This Weeks Discussion: If you were Lucy Charles would you take a gamble on getting to the Olympics or stick with long course racing. Comment here

This Weeks Video: Here’s a great clip from the last ever F1 race in Sydney


Interview: This week we have an interview with Pro Athlete and Zwift Challenge winner Ella Harris. We talk about her career to date, what the Zwift Challenge experience was like, and what she is doing this year. You can follow Ella on Facebook by clicking here.

High 5: John does a quick High 5 on random Challenge Wanaka stuff.

This Weeks Websites: Epic Camp France

IMTalk Episode 654 - Rachel Joyce

News: Results from Challenge Wanaka, Geelong 70.3, Hell of the West; Ironman UK military slots; Garmin acquire Taxc; John’s ITU update.

This Weeks Discussion: Do you think you need to be involved in highly competitive sport at a young age to be a top world champion (not just a good pro athlete). We use this article as a reference. Comment here.


Interview: We have an interview with Rachel Joyce. You can follow Rachel here: and Reinas

John’s Race Report: John breaks down his Challenge Wanaka Age Group win.

This Weeks Websites: Superleague, IMTalk’s Spotify Interval Playlist.

IMTalk Episode 653

News: Coming up races; Wildflower cancelled for 2019; John’s ITU update; Indoor triathlon race; Frodeno announces his 2019 race schedule.

This Weeks Discussion: 2019 Spotify IMTalk play list - part 1. This week you can nominate 2 songs to go on a playlist for indoor trainer intervals. Comment here.

This Weeks Video: Here’s a clip from the 1988 Olympic Distance World Championships.

John’s Wanaka Race Plan: John goes over his race plan for Challenge Wanaka this weekend.

High 5: We do a High 5 on smart trainer tips.

This Weeks Websites: Indoor triathlon; 1988 Triathlon World Champs Video.