IMTalk Episode 664 - Hunter Allen on training and racing with power

News: Results from Ironman Texas and Challenge Taiwan; Coming up races; John’s ITU update.


This Weeks Discussion: What insurance is required in your country to race triathlon and what do you use when traveling? Comment here

Interview: Hunter Allen is back on the show to talk about the 3rd edition of his Training and Racing with a Power Meter book. In this interview we specifically focus on how triathletes should use power in their training and racing. You can follow Hunter here.

Website of the Week: Tim Hemming sent through this great app/website - Endurance Sports TV. Click here to check it out.

This Weeks Websites: Sika Henry’s post about her crash.

IMTalk Episode 663 - Macca on Superleague and the boys from Everyman Jack

News: We announce Camp Kia Kaha for Roth 2020; Coming up races; John’s ITU

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 8.39.48 AM.png

Interview: Ritch Viola and John Matson from Everyman Jack are on the show to talk the Everyman Jack team and the work they have been doing in trying to reduce the drafting at the Ironman World Championships. You can read the article about this here.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 8.41.33 AM.png

Interview: Chris McCormack is back on the show to talk about Superleague, he shares how it got started, how things are progressing and where it’s heading to in the future.

IMTalk Episode 662

News: Lots of 70.3 results; Challenge are adding more races; Ironman Auction; SRAM acquires PowerTap; John’s rant of the week.

This Weeks Discussion: What concerns you most, on a personal level (like safety on the bike), about being a triathlete? Comment here.


This Weeks Photo: John looking sharp in transition.

Age Grouper of the Week: We look at some of the top age groupers from Ironman South Africa.

Coaches Corner: This week John goes deeper into how to predict race times based on single sport times.

John’s files: Race 1, Race 2.

This Weeks Websites: Ironman AWA promotion.

IMTalk Episode 661

News: Results from Ironman South Africa and lots of 70.3’s; Ironman Switzerland is moving location; Coming up races.

This Weeks Discussion: This week we are keeping things simple, you just have to complete this sentence. ‘Success in triathlon is…’ Comment here.


This Weeks Photo: Here’s John looking sharp heading into transition.

Age Groupers of the Week: We look at some top age groupers from Ironman South Africa.

Coaches Corner: John covers how to use the data from a Half Ironman to race a wise Ironman. He also covers how to predict your Ironman marathon time based upon your straight marathon time.

Website of the Week: Pim Veeger sent through this great website with lots of old video’s of iconic triathlon races. Click here to get the site.

IMTalk Episode 660 - Scott Molina on the greatest males of the 80's

News: Drug’s in Hawaii and Patrick Lange’s thoughts on testing; Ironman South Africa is coming up; John’s ITU.


This Weeks Discussion: If you are faced with a hard FTP type bike workout (eg 7x5mins FTP) do you choose the trainer or outside? What’s your tipping point and why do you choose one over the other. Comment here

Interview: This week we have Scott Molina back on the show. He talks about the top male triathletes in the 80’s and what racing was like during that period.

Coaches Corner: John goes into the importance of doing running drills.

This Weeks Websites: ITU Bid Document; Top 3 in Nice; Tim Hemming’s piece on Lange and drugs.