Age Grouper of the Week: Dave Latourette nominated Chuck Sloan - The Village, OK. USA /... Jennifer Johnson - Tulsa, OK. USA. Chuck recently raced at Ironman Couer D' Alene (his first Ironman) finishing 6th in a ridiculously strong M30-34 age group and securing a Kona qualifying spot for this October. He secured that spot with a 2:57 marathon (5th fastest overall on the day) and ran his way from 25th off the bike up that 6th spot. On top of dealing with illness and professional job stresses (beyond the  normal) it was a tragedy that struck about two weeks before the race that tipped the scales. Three cyclists in Chucks community were struck down by a drunk driver on a popular cycling route, sadly for two of  the three cyclists it was fatal In all honesty (as I write this) maybe it should be Age Groupers of the week. Chucks girlfriend, Jennifer Johnson, (Tulsa OK.) had to deal with the same tragedy and also some illness in the lead up to the  race. She, like Chuck, ran her way into a Kona qualifying position by > finishing 4th in the W30-34 AG by executing a terrific race as well.

High 5: Triathlon Etiquette on the bike

Website of the Week: Daniel Kasack sent in this site