IMTalk Episode 240 - Brett Sutton Part 1

News: Taupo result, Ironman on NBC this Saturday in US, Abu Dhabi getting bigger, Paratri for Rio, Bella and Steven leave Team TBB. 

Discussion of the Week: This weeks discussion was sent through from Matt and Bea: Should there be mandatory slow downs on dangerous descents? Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Tim Tansley sent through Coach Steve Casson for being a top block and doing so much for his triathlon community. Check out Steves website 

Interview: Fegan sorted out an interview with Brett Sutton. It's quite a long interview so we're releasing it over two weeks. Check out Team TBB's website here

This Weeks Websites: John Du Pont,, Ironband Blazeman Song on itunes, Info on Blazeman