News: IM Malaysia Results, Brownlee and Moffat injured. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Fastest Female and Male AG at IMNZ last year. 

High 5: On what to keep focused on during the 2nd half of an IM marathon.

Website of the Week: James 'The Wise One' Bowtell. This weeks offering for you, the entire 2008 TDF course in Computrainer files, to keep those winter training days rolling and to provide that test against the best cyclists in the world. Click here 

Questions and Answers: David-Nan Chambers, David Rowe, Matt Clayton and Nick Hutton had questions this week. We cover if running a marathon will help your IM training, where to spend some money, thoughts on stand up paddleboards. 

This Weeks Websites: A cookbook for athletes, Kona Bike Count 2009