News: WTC planning on bringing better race day coverage? 70.3 para triathlon lottery. 

Age Grouper of the Week: Paul Baskett nominated his partner Bridget Fry for overcoming crashes and injuries to still do a great IMNZ.  

Website of the Week: James Bowtell sent through this weeks website, here's what he said. a site with independent reviews of products that triathletes and other generally active people will enjoy. There are sections on biking and runnnig, most relevant to our sport, but includes other adventure sports, for those off-season distractions.

Questions and Answers: Lee Cartmell and Danny Ward sent through so questions. We cover What is Johns run walk strategy i.e walk 1min run 10 or is it different, Tri-Sport Epping reenacting the first San Diego Triathlon.

This Weeks Websites: History of Triathlon website.