IMTALK EPISODE 210 - Hunter Allen on training with a power meter

Get his book here
This week we have an interview with Power Guru Hunter Allen. He Co-Author of Training and Racing with a power meter.  He cover's power for IM and so much more! Get his book here

News: Ironman NZ fills for first time ever, Challenge team up with Emirates, Darryl Carter tells us about the first Enduroman Double Iron Lanzarote next year.

Website of the Week: James Bowtell nominates the following sites to do with the fringes of our sports and the over-extreme exaggeration: Xtreme Race, Xtreme Cycle Races, Endurance World Records.
Questions and Answers: This we have questions from Graeme Purdy, Jason Bhandari, Malcolm Smith, Cheyne Hanoski, David Wylie. We cover these topics: Racing v’s training for a hilly race, Roth v’s IM Frankfurt and more. 
This Weeks Websites: EuroStar Tri