News: Roth this weekend, Results from Jeju Tri and Rhyode Island 70.3, Van Hoenackers time the four best ever, Outlaw Tri has Hooters girls. 

Discussion of the Week: Brice Shirbach sent through this weeks discussion. If you were to train a top athlete from either swimming, cycling or running for an Ironman who would you choose? Name the actually athlete you would like to use. Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Brian Miller sent through JJ Neely for being a great athlete, coach, supporter of the triathlon community and being a good dad. 

High 5: Stuart Gilchrist sent through a High 5 on why triathlon is better than soccer. 

Coaches Corner: This week we cover how to get into coaching. 

Website of the Week: John Fitz send through this great site It's a guy who gives detailed reviews on gear. 

This Weeks Website: James 'Wiseone' Bowtell sent through this, Jenson Button got chicked, Cornwell Tri, Words from Macca.