News: Macca vs Crowie at Abu Dhabi, Macca racing early in the season, Richard Ussher going back to Multisport, Baylis' racing Challenge Henley. 

Discussion of the Week: What was the biggest thing you did in 2010 that improved your performance the most? Comment here

High 5: James 'The Wise One' Bowtell sent through a High on going to foreign races. 

Coaches Corner: John predicts how he would go as a pro under the new points system for Kona.

Websites of the Week: Tom Hibberd gave us some fun websites that give interesting rules for cycling. If you are looking for a fun time waster these are worth a look. Rules of the Euro Cyclist, Velominati Rules

Questions and Answers: We have questions and comments from Andrew Black, David Pearce, Roland Chuter, Will Richards and Joe Walski.